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Have you already heard about Becca Cosmetics? I just recently delved into the beauty category of the blogging world and I am happy to have found this brand via Influenster. Becca Cosmetics is a cruelty free beauty brand originally from Australia, but now part of Estee Lauder Companies. They makeup products ranges from foundation, powder, primer, highlighter, palettes, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, bronzer as well as brushes. And for today's post, I am sharing the products that are included in the Becca voxbox I got from Influenster: The Ultimate Lipstick Love and Ultimate Lip Definer.

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love VoxBox 2

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love VoxBox Contents
This VoxBox is already the second one that I got from Influenster (Thank you so much, Influenster!). Upon opening it, I thought that the color scheme of the package captures essence of the products that it contains, which are the Ultimate Lipstick Love and Ultimate Lip Definer. It is also very timely as I received this a month before Valentines Day!

As you can see in the picture, the box includes two pieces of each. For the Ultimate Lipstick Love, I got the shades Dusk and Poppy, while Shades Pouty and Fun are the ones I received for the Ultimate Lip Definer. 

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love VoxBox 3

Ultimate Lipstick Love

According to their website, this lipstick is “a moisturizing, 8-hour longwearing silky satin lip colour infused with the next generation of hyaluronic acid.” It is priced at 24USD and currently has thirty different shades. Upon browsing more, I saw that they have four additional shades for their Khloe x Malika Collection. I would be writing a detailed review of this lipstick soon but for now, I can say that I love the Dusk shade and I find the packaging of the product very classy and easy to use.

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love VoxBox 4

Ultimate Lip Definer

They describe their ultimate lip definer as “a high impact, 8 hour long wear lip liner that effortlessly contours and defines the lips with the perfect balance of colour and precision.” Currently priced at 18USD, this lip product has eighteen shades available and I find the Pouty shade very good (It goes well with the shade Dusk of the Ultimate Lipstick Love). Personally, I do not use a lip liner but this product is very easy to use and long lasting. The only thing I do not like with the lip definer is the bitter taste you get when it is applied on the lips. I will write more details about this product soon on this blog as well.

Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love VoxBox 5

So seekers, what do you think of this VoxBox? Will Becca Cosmetics be a brand that you would try? Please let me know in the comments below! Share as well if you have tried any Becca Cosmetics as I want to get more insights about their brands. Have a great day!

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