Seaweed Bath Co. Gel Cleanser Initial Review

Seaweed Bath Co Gel Cleanser Initial Review 1

I've always been that person with really oily skin (with problems such as large pores, textures etc.), but upon moving here in Denver where the weather can get very warm and then very cold within the day, it made me into a combination skin and it has become a struggle for me to take care of my skin. For the past months, I was using Clinique Acne Solution Set that I bought online and even though it help put pimples and whiteheads at bay, I am not totally fond of the smell. I will discuss my review of that set on a different blog post but I mentioned is as that is the reason why I was on a hunt for a new product for my face.

Seaweed Bath Co Gel Cleanser Initial Review 3

Enters the brand Seaweed Bath Co.! I used to live near a Target store (walking distance away imagine!) and if that was still the case, I would have known this brand by myself as I love going to Target at least once a week during those days. But luckily, Ambassadher introduced this brand to me  last week (thank you Ambasaddher!), went to a Target store that still has stocks left, and I am now happy to write on this blog that my face is enjoying the Seaweed Bath Co. Purifying Gel Cleanser for almost a week! 

To give a brief description, Seaweed Bath Co. is a company that "has been devoted to transforming the skin and hair care ritual by providing nutrient-rich, performance-optimized personal care formulas that offer visible results, as well a unique ocean-inspired sensory experience that instills a sense of well-being. This is achieved by harnessing the powerful benefits of The Seaweed Bath Co.’s hero ingredient: bladderwrack seaweed. (from their website)." They were established in 2010 and still has the goal to provide ocean-inspired beauty made with organic Maine seaweed using their proprietary Algaderm Complex (3 types ofseaweed and Vitamin B3) to detoxify, restore and protect skin. And one thing that I love about their products is that they are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free!

Seaweed Bath Co Gel Cleanser Initial Review 3

Going back to the cleanser, right off the bat, I was impressed with their sleek packaging especially the colors (I mean look at the pictures!). Aside from loving the color combination, once you open it (there is a foil that covers the hole of the tube), the smell would entice you to use it already. I can't stop raving about how good the citrus-y smell of it to my husband the first night I used it. It makes me look forward to washing my face just by that alone! 

Right now, this is the only cleanser I am using and thinking of doing that for a month to see full results. As for now, I can say that my face is a bit calmer than usual (I have bumps and very textured face that is from suffering adult acne way back in 2011) and feels softer when touched. I am still oily but this is still an early review and hopefully I can see improvements in that area as well soon.

Now on the verdict: will I buy this product again? My answer is a big YES! I am glad to find a cleanser that doesn't feel like you are applying a bunch of chemicals on my face. I am not yet on a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, but if there are any small action I can take to support the cause such as supporting brands like Seaweed Bath Co., I am totally up for it. 

Also this product is sold for 16.99USD, which is around the price range I typically spend for one facial wash/cleanser. I think this will last me months given the size of the tube.

Have you tried any products from Seaweed Bath Co.? Please leave a comment if you do as I want to hear your experience using them. And please share this review (or repin the photos) to others that might be interested to try the brand. Happy Saturday everyone!


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