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The Budget Fashion Seeker : Qii Tea Bottles

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I can't believe that it has been six years since I decided to start drinking tea instead of coffee. I actually thought I will not be able to do it given how dependent I was with coffee (and I started drinking it at a young age too). I am not sure if I already mentioned it in one of my previous blog posts but the reason I quit was due to having throat problems in 2012. I love to sing and according to the doctor, I need to take better care of my throat so I tried eliminating all of the sweet drinks I love to consume on a daily basis. I gave up soda and iced tea and eventually coffee as I never drink it without sugar. My throat got better but thought of switching to tea (no sugar) for good.

I haven't explored a lot of tea brands yet but there are these brands that have been in my rotation. I started with Lipton when I was in Manila (still drink it once in a while), then when I moved here in Denver, Tazo became the preference. I have tried a lot of their different flavors but Chai has been my favorite since. Now that I am already working, Celestial brand added to my rotation and I really like their English Breakfast and Green Tea.

The Budget Fashion Seeker: Qii Tea Power To the Mouth

That is why receiving an e-mail from drinkqii.com made me super excited! It is always fun for me to try new products especially if it something that I love. I got a pretty box (with a lovely letter) that contains their tea products: Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea and Classic Oolong Tea. So far, I only tried the Green Tea and saving Oolong for another time.

Just a quick background, their company was established in 2016 in Toronto, Canada and it has been their goal to make positive impact to the community by providing a product that helps oral care. Yes, you read it right. Qii Tea has an ingredient that helps to neutralize the pH level of the mouth with the help of Xylitol. You can read more information about them and their products by visiting their website

The Budget Fashion Seeker: Qii Tea Caring for Teeth and Mouth

My thoughts? I totally love that their tea has no sugar in it! This is really great especially when you want a cold drink on a hot day and not worrying about your sugar intake. Also, the idea that it helps with oral care is a plus. 30 calories a can and lists just four ingredients? It is definitely a thumbs up for me so thanks a lot DrinkQii Team for introducing Qii Tea to me!

The only thing that might be a concern is that the Green Tea flavor can be on a bitter side. I am used to drinking black tea but I think the ginger flavor is the one causing that taste. I don't think it will be a bother though if you are eating something while drinking it. Maybe for me, it can be an acquired taste but I will drink it again for sure (I may not be a big fan of ginger but it helps the throat).

I am yet to try Oolong Tea and will give an update once I am able to try that flavor. Overall I am happy that there is another zero sugar option that I can add to my list as I try to lessen my sugar intake one baby step at a time.

If you are interested to try Qii Tea, you can buy it online through their website. You can use the promo code that they provided for being a reader of my blog by using Sally5Off. This also entails a free shipping, which totals to $10 of discount! 

And the best news is, you can join their ongoing contest where you can win a one year supply of Qii Tea! This is a no purchase contest and all you have to do is click this link then provide your name and email. Contest is open to legal residents of United States and will end on March 1 11:59pm. You still have time to join so make sure to visit the link before the deadline. Good luck and have a great day everyone!


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