GOMO: The Answer to FOMO

Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado (August, 2015)

On this age of social media and online lives, more and more people are getting the FOMO vibe: fear of missing out on fun and exciting things happening around us. Just recently, I had that certain feeling of envy not being in Manila for the Les Miserables run. Seeing those post from friends made me feel happy for them, but then sad at the same time that I was not part of it. To think I already missed that broadway show in New York two years ago.

Anyway, it was my decision to take this vacation and I am keen on making a conscious effort to squash the FOMO feeling. My solution? Go for GOMO: go out more often!
I may have missed a lot of events already for the past months but hey, we are still halfway through 2016 so there are still many things that we can do to #GOMO. Below is the list of activities that you can check out for upcoming months:

1. Join a Fun Run

As someone who used to join fun runs before, I can assure you that this type of event is a good way to #GOMO. You can challenge yourself to improve on your physical capabilities with the run itself, as well as meet new people if you are open to mingle. Color Manila Run is one event I am aware of and it is scheduled on May 28. If you haven't signed up yet, click my post about it for details.

2. Watch a Concert 


I already lost track of how many concerts I watched alone and Charlie Puth's show is something that I wouldn't mind going solo. For other list of concerts that you might find interesting, you may visit http://www.philippineconcerts.com.

3. Go to the Beach

Travel most of the time means a dent on our finances, but most of the time, there are hidden gems that we may not be aware of that are easy to go to and are within the budget. One of those places that I am eyeing is Fortune Island in Batangas. Just by looking at the photo makes me want to pack my bag and commute there already!

Other events that you can check are Camerahaus Photo Festival (May 28) and 37th Manila International Book Fair (free events) and I wouldn't have found out about them if not for Eventbrite. This event management and planning software allows more companies/group to promote and organize their events, making it easier for people to search for latest happening near their area. Just by searching for Philippines, you will already see 290 scheduled events! What a way to go out more often right?

Hope this this post inspired you to #GOMO and stop feeling left out. Time to make memories and gather more experience from this day onwards. Have a happy weekend!

**written for a campaign I support, not a sponsored post

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