Budget Outfit: Wearing a Maxi Skirt as a Dress

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Forever 21 Red Maxi Skirt as Dress 2

I still remember it was a fine afternoon in Cliffhouse, Tagaytay. I had that amazing view of Taal Lake, I was with good friends and we were at the reception of our very much in love couple friends, Alvin and Abie. It has always been a happy feeling for me to get invited to weddings as it gives me that flutter to see people that I personally know exchange vows and see genuine love and happiness in their eyes.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Forever 21 Red Maxi Skirt as Dress
I bought this red maxi skirt from Forever 21 few months before 2014 ended. When I saw it, I knew that it something that would work well if I get invited to an event, especially a wedding. So when I got an invitation from a friend,I was thinking on what would I like for my overall look. And I came up with this.

This is a simple look but I love how comfortable and girly it made me feel that day. The full wig that I was wearing, the slit of the skirt-turned-dress, the necklace, and the bag that became my "go to" piece as well made the look put together. I know you might say that it would have been better if I wore heels but it was a a garden wedding so no heels for me on that day. I opted to wear this pair of black wedged sandals that I bought from Payless Shoe Source (see blog post here) since you can never go wrong with black and red.
Want to know another styling I did for this maxi skirt? I'll share it on my next budget outfit so please don't forget to visit my blog. Happy Friday to all!

P.S. To Alvin and Abie, who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, thanks for making me part of that important day in your lives. Keep on inspiring us that real love exists and that both of you stay happy and in love. God bless!

Maxi Skirt - Forever 21 (SM Megamall) - Php450.00
Sandals -  Payless Shoe Source (SM Megamall) 
Bag - Coach (Woodbury Common, New York) - USD105.00 (on sale, was USD200+)
Necklace - WAGW, SM Department Store (SM Megamall) - Php179.00
Earrings - pearl shop in Palawan - Php20.00


  1. this is a great idea ate sally! :) hindi naman halata na maxi skirt sya :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Oh very lovely coordinate
    Beautiful dress darling


  3. This is such a great idea. I love the colour!!


  4. I absolutely love this idea! I'm so short that it's always hard to find a maxi skirt that fits in the length and there are so many pretty ones out there. I never thought of wearing them as a dress.... thanks for sharing

  5. I love this idea! I'm definitely short enough to do this, and now I won't have to hem it!

  6. Love the dress! Perfect for summer.

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com


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