PRESS RELEASE: Setting the New Parenting Standards: First-Time Moms in The New Century

November 10, 2015

Setting the New Parenting Standards: First-Time Moms in The New Century

There is nothing more stressful than being a first-time mom besides being a first-time mom in this century. Advanced technology and social media have catapulted the standards of motherhood into a whole new level that moms all around the world strive to cope up with. But even with the new standards of the modern-day Mom, putting their kids as priority has not changed.

News Release: Coca-Cola Collectors Club makes PH debut in 100th anniversary of the Contour Bottle

November 9, 2015

Manila, Philippines—The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines recently made its debut along the sidelines of the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour’s Manila leg last October 2 to 4. Recognized just last January as the local chapter of Coca-Cola Collectors International, the Club currently has about 800 members.

Budget Shopping: Select Comfort (Pillows) and Sleepmaster (Bed Sheet Set)

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Budget Shopping : Select Comfort Pillows

One of the things that you will learn or will develop an interest when you start owning a property (or at least living independently) is to shop things that will enhance your new space. Ever since my family moved to a different house, I have acquired this fascinations to furnitures, appliances and items that will enhance or make the new "crib" comfortable. Living independently for almost half a decade also just leveled it up and so far I can say that for all of my home needs, SM Department Store has been a reliable place. And for today's post, I am sharing with you the two brands that made me happy recently: Select Comfort and Sleepmaster.

UK-Philippine Friendship Day

November 1, 2015 Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Last October 20, I got the chance to attend UK-Philippine Friendship Day event, which is held annually by the Brish Embassy Manila. I've heard of their organization before, but it was only last September that I got interested with to check their Facebook page and saw that they have a lot of events line up for this year and up to early 2016. I chose to start taking part of their entire festival by attending the friendship day. It was held in Makati Shangri-la and the participants enjoyed three-course meal and tickets to the raffle that happened that night. I paid Php2,500 for the event and got five raffle tickets, wherein the grand prize was a trip for two to UK. Etihad was the sponsoring airline by the way.
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