Back to School!

Hello everyone! Most of the kids/students already started school (my sisters classes started yesterday) and I hope that  your young ones in the family are already good with their school things. We did our shopping early but there are still a lot of sales and promos in the mall so if you are not done with yours, then you might still get good deals.

I know it's been years since I had that feeling of getting excited due to start of classes but somehow, buying this black sling bag from Penshoppe last Friday made me look forward to Monday. It felt like I'm going to work with a new bag, which brought back feelings of being a student again. I am not really fond of big bags so I was happy with the size. It's enough to house all the things that I carry in the office. It can even fit those small multi-fold umbrellas that are now appearing again in different stores. It's original price is Php649.00 but I got it for Php519.00 because of the sale. Still within my budget so I'm happy.

It's weird that because of this purchase, I suddenly miss school and student life. If only I have enough money, I would have pursued another course or even a Masters degree. But maybe one day, when all my responsibilities at home are done, then I can do that eventually. Wish me luck guys? Have a great day!

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