Opening of Suiteblanco at SM Mall of Asia (May 15, 2014)

June 8, 2014

Almost a month ago, I had the privilege to be there at the opening day of a spanish clothing line in the Philippines, Suiteblanco at the Mall of Asia. It was all thanks to Fatima Rabago, spanish model/make up artist (who is the pretty wife of Hideo Muraoka by the way) who hosted a contest regarding the store. Luckily, I was chosen as her winner for the contest so that day, I get to shop items from Suiteblanco for free! I was there checking the stores along with the other winners when one by one the ambassadors (mainly models in the industry) came to shop as well. I got gorgeous items from my gift certificates, which was worth Php3000.00 and the bonus was the total price was also included for their 20% discount. So my shopping budget went up to Php3600! You will see the items that I bought as you get to the end of the post but for now, I'll give you a glimpse of what their shop offer.

This is how the store looks from the outside. Since it was opening day, there were a lot of people that went to the store to shop. My attention immediately caught this display given the lovely dress. I love how they styled it with the available heeled sandals. They even have a native looking bag that I really adore. Did I buy the dress? Check scroll up to the end for you to find out *wink*.

Suiteblanco staff even prepared these treats for shoppers. Those candies were really cute in the counter that I ended up getting some myself.

You were probably thinking that I ended up hoarding some of these lovelies. Unfortunately, I am really not into hi-cut bikinis so I was really sad to see the price and not able to buy at least a pair.

They also have pretty shoes/sandals in their collection. Personally, I like the two pairs placed in the third row.

 The staff gave me my GCs even if Fatima was not yet in the shop. So I was able to do my shopping ahead of her. It was still fun since when she arrived, we were able to chat for a while, gave me a little background of the shop (since she was from Spain) and let me do my shopping. We had a short chat again after I was done. She was really nice and it was actually my second time to see her in person.

These are some of the photos of their Accessories Section. I think the price range of these are roughly the same with Forever 21.

They have lots of clothes that are fit for office work that if I did not control myself, I might bought something aside from the amount that I could splurge that day.

Here's a photo of me and Fatima. She is really tall and pretty. I wish she would do a makeup workshop one day. I'll be happy to attend that if ever.

And here are the items that I bought from Suiteblanco! I didn't find my plain blanket so please bear with the printed bedsheet haha!

black sling bag/pouch - Php1199.00

set of earrings - Php349.00

headband - Php279.00

socks - Php149.00

floral dress - Php1699.00
Among the items that I got from Suiteblanco, I think this one is something that I am willing to purchase from my own pocket given the style and the quality of the dress. I'm still thinking when to wear this one though. Two planned trips are still coming up so hopefully I get to take photos wearing it and share with you my idea of styling it. Anyway I hope all of you had a very relaxing weekend. one more week and we all get to celebrate another occasion. Can't wait for Father's Day! Happy Monday to everyone!

Back to School!

June 2, 2014

Hello everyone! Most of the kids/students already started school (my sisters classes started yesterday) and I hope that  your young ones in the family are already good with their school things. We did our shopping early but there are still a lot of sales and promos in the mall so if you are not done with yours, then you might still get good deals.

I know it's been years since I had that feeling of getting excited due to start of classes but somehow, buying this black sling bag from Penshoppe last Friday made me look forward to Monday. It felt like I'm going to work with a new bag, which brought back feelings of being a student again. I am not really fond of big bags so I was happy with the size. It's enough to house all the things that I carry in the office. It can even fit those small multi-fold umbrellas that are now appearing again in different stores. It's original price is Php649.00 but I got it for Php519.00 because of the sale. Still within my budget so I'm happy.

It's weird that because of this purchase, I suddenly miss school and student life. If only I have enough money, I would have pursued another course or even a Masters degree. But maybe one day, when all my responsibilities at home are done, then I can do that eventually. Wish me luck guys? Have a great day!

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