New Year, New Hairstyle and a Day with Lots of Firsts

Remember my post about Belle de Jour Fair 2013? It was the first time that I encountered the brand Tokyo Posh, a store that sells different types of hair extensions. I was fortunate enough to try it first hand during the event and I even got a picture as a remembrance while I wore one of their product called Ebi Chan. I was actually torn on having another haircut since the length of my hair is already hard to manage (I end up wearing a pony tail most of the time so as not to be stressed with bad hair day), or just let it reach my regular long hair length. I decided on the latter but I don't want to tie my hair. Then I thought, why not purchase a temporary extension until I achieve the hair length I wanted? So when I had a free time yesterday, I allotted my afternoon and went to Tokyo Posh in Rockwell and purchase one of their clip-on extension named Jessica. I will be sharing a post about this amazing product as well as their pretty pink store, but for now here are some of my photos sporting the new hairstyle.

This set of photos were actually taken today. I'm just excited to share with you how the extension looks on me. I am also happy since this is my first outfit post for the year. The clothes that I wore were not new (I wore this pair of pants here) and I just haven't written a post wearing this tube top, but I've worn it a lot of times already. I really love this pair of white pants from bench since I can practically match it with any printed top that I have. It is just a matter of wearing different accessories (and a different hairstyle this time) to give it a different look each time. I consider it totally one of my "good buys".

Going back to the hair, aside from making my look more girly (sorry  but I can't control the happy feeling when I saw how neat the hair looked on photos), I did not feel conscious at all since the extension covers the exposed skin given my tube top. I just wore this cute bead necklace from St. Francis Mall and finished the looked with my daily footwear from Payless Shoe Source. 

It was actually a full day for me since I was already in Mall of Asia around 11:00 am. My friends from DLSU had this sort of get-together so as to meet our dear Ms. Jean, who is staying here in Manila just for few days (she decided to go back to her hometown so we don't see her that much). We had lunch at Mann Hann (I think this is my first time to dine there) then had a stroll afterwards. Then we went to Acacia Estates (one of them owned a unit there, also my first time to see the community), which  in my point of view is really a nice place to have a property, then transferred to BGC to have coffee and go to Market! Market! as well. It was hours of catching up with them and also in reminiscing our good times during college. I hope we can go out again a group to do more activities since I really miss those times when we almost spend our whole day together, may it be in class or in our organization.

Then to end my night, my roommate invited me to visit Capitol Commons to have a quick dinner and a jog and it was a fun experience for me to try Food Truck Park for the first time. We even discovered a blues musician, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, who was nice enough to sing us a Queen song, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Sad part is that this Food Truck Park's last night for January since they are transferring temporarily in Makati. Hopefully they will be back on February so we are targeting to go there on V-Day (yey singles!). 

I'm very grateful for my busy yet memorable day today! I hope that this is a good sign that my 2014 will be loaded with lots of great times with friends and creating more memories that I will cherished. And I wish the same thing with you who read my blog from time to time (I'll be forever thankful for that). Hope you all had a great Sunday. Take care everyone!

tube top Php250.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
pants Php800+ - Bench
flat sandals Php537.00 (discounted) - Payless Shoe Source
necklace Php100.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
earrings Php20.00 - Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan
hair extension Ph2400.00 (discounted) - Tokyo Posh


  1. bagay yung long hair sayo sis! it frames your face nicely and compliments your body curves too (if that makes sense) :) happy new year sally! <3

  2. Ooh, love your new look sis! The longer and more girly hairstyle looks great on you, adds an instant oompf! factor to any outfit. And as usual, your outfit looks so effortlessly chic! ^_^

  3. Happy New Year Sally! As always, you look so put together and you look nice with your extensions.

  4. Wow!! I love your new look. it frames your face nicely and compliments your body curves too. It was hours of catching up with them and also in reminiscing our good times during college. Your meal is awesome. Wow!! I hope we can go out with my group to do more activities since.

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  5. love the hair! parang koreana lang.bagay sayo sis! ^_^


  6. nice hair! :) - vicky

  7. wow you look good with both short and long hair.

  8. Pretty. I think your hair suits your well. It is perfect with your outfit.


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