7-11's Every Day! Rewards Card

Part of being a budget shopper is maximizing the benefits of having loyalty/rewards cards from stores where I frequently shop. I am able to accumulate points as a buy items from them and then use them as payment once I reached the minimum amount. And the latest that I got is the Every Day! Rewards Card of 7-11.

You can avail of this card for Php10.00 only. And that amount is even converted to a GC that you can also use for future purchase. So technically, it was given for free (one reason why I availed). Plus, I know that this card will be useful to me since my officemates and I frequently buy our snacks from their store during break time. At least now we can get freebies with our accumulated purchases.

If you are also a frequent 7-11 customer then you might want to avail of this card too. It is free and activating a card is just one text. Feel free to visit their website for more information on their rewards card. And if ever anyone of you availed it, please do share your experience in using it (especially if you have redeemed something already) so we can all  be informed. Have a great day!


  1. we also have this, well my husband got it, and when he went for another purchase the same day (actually me nakalimutan lang syang bilhin so balik sa ulit sa counter), the same cashier, same lady offered him again the card. free naman daw, gawin nalang daw dalawa ni sir, desperado na ata si ate ipaubos yung card! hahahaha!


  2. Bf has it too,, but we rarely purchase at 7 eleven na kasi sayang..

  3. I got one pero u need to purchase P50 up for a 1 point, slurpee or sundae lang binibili ko kaya wla din points.


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