El Nido, Palawan Day 2

Hello everyone! How was your Sunday? After a hectic day yesterday (I attended three get-togethers from 10:00am to 8:00pm) so I decided to just stay at our unit and do a movie marathon. It was a lazy Sunday indeed as my roommate called it, but we did have fun lunch and dinner since she did not go to their house for the weekend like me.

And as promised, here are the photos of our second day in El Nido. It was another whole day of island hopping, and this time we were on combination of Tour B and Tour D. I am not sure why I was not paying attention with the names of the islands, but like I said in my last post, I was already satisfied just by Snake Island alone. It is the one with the long sand bar that was really amazing to walk on (though we were concern with our cameras that time). Anyway, I didn't use the snorkel this time and just went for leisure swim and some relaxation time on the shore. The other spots that we went to that I remember are 7 Commando, Cadlao Island, Pangulasian Beach and Paradise Beach. We even went to one cave (there were two in the entire list) called Codognon Cave. That one had been a memorable experience since it was my first time to enter such a small whole as an entrance that we can only pass if we are lying down. The duration of the boat ride was tiring since the islands are more apart from each other unlike the last time (maybe because we only got to visit few islands the first day). But it was still all fun since I was there with my adorable friends. 

I still have lots of photos from this trip (we were there for 4 days and 4 nights) so hope you visit my blog again. Happy Sunday to all!

View of Snake Island

Entrance to the cave

Helicopter Island


  1. Beautiful shots! I'm so envious of you that you are able to go travelling! I want to go travelling so bad, haha.. especially since we have snow here:( That is a unique swimming suit by the way!! :D xx

    Chic Nikkie
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    1. Thanks nikkie! the unique design made me buy this swimsuit :)
      Yeah i saw your blog but you still are very creative in terms of your outfits despite the weather. just always take care for now, i'm sure you can travel soon. great day!

  2. wow! the view is amazing and you look stunning sis!

    happy new year!


  3. I'm glad that you captured more than the beach. I love the rock formations too. It is like a paradise in the middle of nowhere. I cannot wait to go there.


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