El Nido, Palawan Day 1

Finally! Here are the photos of our Day 1 in El Nido. This is actually my third time to Palawan. I've been to Coron (December 2011) and Puerto Prinsesa City (February 2013) before so I was totally thrilled that I've already crossed this town from my travel list. If you are a Filipino, you are pretty much aware of the rave that El Nido is getting from the people who already visited the place. I've been into island hopping activities in different provinces. But what made El Nido different is that you can actually visit 23 islands (as I remember) if you would avail all of the four tours available (Tour A-D). I was really excited to see the beaches personally since I love the water so much. But I think I enjoyed the duration of the boat ride more, however tiring it is, because of the view of the big and islands as we passed by them. My digital camera may not have done justice as to how breathtaking some of the views that we saw during our island hopping but I will never forget them and might visit again in the future. 

Below are the photos taken with my camera mixed with the photos (where I was part of the subject) of Jun, one of my teammates, which became our official photographer for the trip. Thanks again Jun for the amazing photos!

I am not sure why I did a Michael Jackson's "This is it" pose here haha!

Just having fun in the water

I think this was when we were in Shimizu Island

By the way, the islands that we visited for Day 1 was supposed to be for Tour A and C. However due to the strong waves, there were some spots that we were not able to visit (I'll definitely go back to see Secret Beach and Hidden Beach). But like I said, I was already solved just by seeing beautiful views of the islands during the boat ride.

Next post will be about our Day 2 and just by Snake Island alone, I was already satisfied. You'll understand when you see some of the photos tomorrow. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

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  1. hello there! your blog looks incredibly beautiful now! :) i went to Palawan before and it's awesome! did you go snorkeling there? I hope you try it hehe! :D have a lovely day!!


    1. Hi Jillian! Thank you :) Oh you've been to palawan already? That is great! I'm sure you had fun that time. Yes we did, but i only went for few minutes. i think coron still is better in terms of snorkeling. great day to you!

  2. That background is to die for. We will be staying there this weekend. Oh my! I can't wait. We have tour A of island hopping.


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