Blogapalooza: An Afternoon at Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

Classy and cozy. Those were the two words that I thought of when I saw Lulu Nails and Dry Bar booth at the Blogapalooza 2013 event last November 16. There were photos of their interior at their booth that time, which was a little busy since they were offering free manicure service to attendees (I was not able to try it due to a long line). And upon seeing Audrey Hepburn with girly chairs and accents as well as lazy boy, my curiosity was piqued and I decided that I will visit their store and avail one of their service soon.

And finally after 3 weeks, I got to see this Nail haven! I was actually right with the two words I associated with Lulu Nails. The place screams of class and beauty and I like how neat and inviting the entire place is. I was immediately greeted by the lady in the reception desk and asked what service will I be availing. I chose to have manicure and pedicure with polish (they have basic service of manicure without polish for Php200.00). I handed her my 10% discount coupon, which I got from the event and then asked for her permission to take some photos since I'm planning on writing a post about their store. Below are some of the photos that I took using my mobile phone.

The Nail Bar is on your left side when you enter the door. It is the area where they showcase their nail lacquer collection consisting of different brands (YSL, Chanel, Imperative etc). Then I was led inside the beautiful area that you see below. They are using lazy boy chairs that I found very conducive in terms of the pedicure service. They even offer drinks to customers: coffee, lemonade and a third option (which I'm not sure if tea). I asked for lemonade and the lady brought my a very tasty drink in a cute glass. They also provide a flat screen TV for entertainment but the jazz music they played in the background was already good for me.

I had a hard time deciding what color to use since they have quite a lot in their selection. Even the nail art picking took time because I it felt like I find something attractive on every page. But then I narrowed it down to their matte collection under Imperative brand (I looked this brand up online and found out that it is a Singaporean brand). 

There were two skilled and friendly employees who were assigned to me, one for the manicure and one for pedicure. And since I availed of their nail art service too, another girl approached me after the first two services and she did the nail stamp on my two index fingers. Overall, the service was good and I really love the entire experience. The employees were all friendly and did their job with right amount of gentleness. I usually end up having wounds since the skin on the side of my nails are too thin (common comment I get from salon staff). I am also happy with the fact that they've enlightened me with new things in terms of nail polish and nail art. As much as I love coloring my nails, I've never been one to always try new product or technology that comes up. I did try nail art once and I have high respect with people that do this thing manually. But then nail stamp is totally different. It made me giddy when it was being applied on my nails haha! Sorry for being such a kid but it did amaze me. And even though I am not particular with nail polish brand, I consider this particular line (matte) of Imperative as my current favorite. They said that customer can buy nail lacquer products from them but they still have to order everything. I guess I'll add "buy Imperative nail polish" to the to-do list for my Singapore trip next year then.

I think the only thing that will make ladies hesitant with Lulu Nails is the price range. To be honest, this is the most expensive nail salon I've been to so far. But when you consider the overall experience, I think you get the worth of your money. I also had this impression that the fact that the customer was happy with their service is already enough for them given the fact that they were telling me not to give tip anymore (I still insisted since I always give tip whenever I go to salon etc., and because I was really satisfied with their work). So yes, I'll visit this shop again, although not as frequent as I want to.

Total Cost of Service availed (I paid using a credit card):
Manicure Php300.00
Pedicure Php380.00
Nail Stamp Php 30.00 x 2

This is how my nails look right now. I love how the shiny yet matte finish does not make my already dark skin color looks darker. I just decided on having one finger with nail stamp to add a little playfulness to it. I am currently thinking of good color combination so I'll be more prepared the next time I visit their shop.

By the way, they also offer hair services such as hair coloring, blow dry and treatments as well as waxing/threading. They are also available for party bookings even for kids since they have products that are safe for their age (and safe for pregnant women too). And to know more information or if you wanted to visit them you can contact them at 09179579683 or 9421311. Lulu Nails and Dry Bar is located at 5th floor Unit 9 BTTC Centre, Ortigas Avenue corner Roosevelt Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

They have an ongoing promo of 50% off for a group of three during weekdays so you might want to take advantage of it for your initial visit. Feel free to share your experience here if you also availed their service okay? Have a great start of the week!

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