6 Reasons Why I Gave Blogapalooza 2013 Two Thumbs Up

November 16, 2013 was the day when I achieved another milestone as a blogger: I attended a bloggers event, my very first, which was the Blogapalooza 2013. It was held at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura Premier in Taguig. Being my first time to enter the said mall, I was glad that it only took two rides to go there from where I stay (just across Market! Market!). I arrived at the venue around 12:30pm, went to the registration area and then head on to the hall. My entire experience was fun and I consider that day a memorable one, hence I am giving Blogapalooza two thumbs up! And for a better perspective, I listed six reasons below that double as summary of my overall experience and as support to my verdict.

Registration Area

1. The event was for free
I'll be honest, this is the ultimate reason that encouraged me to sign up for Blogapalooza. As long as you own a blog, all you have to do is register on their site and then wait for the email invite that they will send once your slot was confirmed. And it was actually thanks to sis Venus that I knew of this event. She wrote a post about this and after I found out that there are also other bloggers that would be attending, I decided to sign up too! Thanks again sis Venus for informing us :)

Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

2. Bloggers were exposed to different companies/sponsors
 I forgot how many booths were there for sponsors but for bloggers who are just starting up like me, the number is already enough for initial exposure. I even got emails from some of them the following week and I felt really happy that they are contacting me and other bloggers who signed up at their booth to promote their event. And it was also fun to talk to some of them especially when you knew that they are the owners themselves (I really love hands on business owners)!

With Bogart the Explorer

BYS Booth 

3. There were lots of freebies the entire day
I think this is also one of the enticing points of Blogapalooza. Most of the booths gave freebies and loot bags (I already shared a photo of the things that I got from the event) when all we had to do was sign up. They also had mini games where participants can win prizes. There were lots of food and lunch was even provided for everyone.

4. Bloggers got to meet online personalities and knew more details on how they start their brand/name
There were series of talks the whole afternoon showcasing some online personalities such as Bogart the Explorer, Jako de Leon, Mikey Bustos, Ms. Ana Santos, Mr. Philip the Lifestyle Guy etc. who were able to share their stories when they were just starting out and you would then knew that everyone of them just love what they do. Passion is the main reason (add some power of luck for some) why they ended up being who they are right now.

5. It became a venue for meeting fellow bloggers
This was actually what made the event a memorable one. I finally got to meet my blogger friends! Nathalie, Tin, Mimi and Venus were there and I was super happy that I attended the event with them. We have been talking and exchanging comments on our blogs for months and it was great to be able to talk to them in person. We even continued our chitchat at a nearby coffee shop (I think we left the mall around 8pm?). I thank them for sharing lots of stories (even some personal ones) especially about some aspects of life that I've yet to experience. I am really hoping that we'll get to see each other soon. Girls, do you think a meetup around January is possible?(Please say yes!)

6. The event also raised money for Yolanda victims
We were encouraged to donate Php100.00 and the money that they gathered was matched by the organizers. I read on twitter that they were able to raise Php80,000+ that day! I felt happy that I was part of an event that had this intention.


I'll definitely attend Blogapalooza if they will host another one next year, even if it won't be 100% free (though I hope they won't charge high amount *wink*). I'll be looking forward to that day and thank you so much to the amazing team of WhenInManila and to the main men Vince Golayco, Francis Simisim and Anton Diaz for organizing such event. Hope you continue creating such to encourage bloggers to write more and be active in communities. More power to you!

Freebies I got from the event! Thanks again to the sponsors :)

Philip Lifestyle Guy

Ms. Ana Santos

Boys Night Out 

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