Platform Heels from Parisian

2012 was a year for platform heels for me and I can't even remember how many pairs I bought under this category. So today, I'm sharing with you this particular pair of platform heels that I bought from Parisian.

I acquired these heels last December when I was just doing my monthly visit at SM Department Store. That time, I didn't have any pair of shoes/heels in this color so I was very keen on buying it. Add the fact that this one is really comfortable to wear and the price is just right for my shoe budget (the price of this pair was either P999.75 or P1099.75), I did not hesitate on buying it. And by the way, I got this with a 10% discount because of the voucher from my Belle de Jour Power Planner that year. Not bad right?

Currently, Parisian is still producing more fashionable styles for their line of shoes. I even got tempted to buy one last month, too bad something was wrong with the fit. Maybe if I find a pair that is chic and also with the right fit and comfort, I'll purchase one again from the brand.

Have you seen the latest collection of Parisian? Is there any pair that you would buy there if ever? I'd love to know your thoughts so feel free to write them on the comments section below. Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. Hi! I nominated you for an award


  2. i havent tried that brand sally :) but this sandals u bought is pretty. i like wearing white shoes kase it goes with most of my outfits. and hfive for meeting liam hemsworth ( i can see the pic on the side :) ima bigbig fan of his brother haha <3

    1. thanks shayne! haha!same here :) i like Liam's brother ever since I saw Thor movie. But when I saw "The Last Song", I began liking him too!

  3. Super cute heel, love it !


  4. These shoes are gorgeous! I love the color as they would go well with everything! Great buy!


  5. Parisian did come up with really cool designs. If you're just trying out a trend and you wanna see if they work for you, Parisian is the way to go.

  6. I follow you now and hope you do the same! have a great day! The shoes are beautiful!!


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