Budget Outfit: Turn Back Time

Anyone here familiar with the song "Turn Back Time"? I've always loved that song, which was released way back 1998 by the group Aqua. And like the lyrics of the song, if you were given the chance to turn back time, would you get that opportunity to change something in your past? Or would you just want to go back to relive a particular moment that never left your mind (or your heart for that matter)?

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 1
printed top P230.00 - St. Francis Mall
skirt P355.00 - Forever 21
wedges P900.00 - Celine
necklace P200.00 - Girlshoppe
ring P249.00 - Forever 21

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 2

Personally, I can say that I would go for the latter as my answer. I always believe that things happen for a reason, and I know that I won't be able to reach the current state of my life right now if I would be changing something that already happened in my past. Although I must admit, I'm a sentimental person and it has been a habit of mine to retain something that will allow me to reminisce a happy memory. Having said that, you might guess that the "Pensieve" is one fictional thing in Harry Potter World that I've dreamed of having here in the real world.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 3

I apologize for being this serious for a Monday morning haha! It was just the thought that came to my mind while staring at the necklace that I was wearing in the photo. I'm no fan of watches and I've stopped buying that accessory many years ago. But I was not able to give in to this necklace that I bought from Girlshoppe. I know this is just a simple vintage accessory but it still got my interest. Maybe those romantic films with lockets and vintage watches have rubbed off their magic to me. 

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 4

Anyway, for this outfit post, I decided to pair up this red printed top that I bought from St. Francis. Actually, the print on this top was the reason I got inspired to match it with this yellow skirt from Forever 21 and I really like how the colors popped out more when these items were worn together.  

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 5

Since I want the top to be the focus of the outfit, I opted for this simple connector ring from Forever 21 and this watch necklace. Then to inject a subtle print on print, I used my gold and brown animal print wedges from Celine as a final touch. What do you think of the entire ensemble?

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Turn Back Time 6

By the way, anyone here who is going to watch Linkin Park's concert tomorrow? I only know few songs from the band (e.g. In the End, My December) but I'm really looking forward to hear and see them perform live. They are just one of those few rock bands that I enjoy listening to so I hope that everyone will have a fun time during they show tomorrow. See you guys then if ever? Happy Monday to all of us and let's all be productive this week!


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