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I love skirts. And even if my mother is already telling me to stop buying one, they will always be at the top of my list. I know I have mentioned this before in one of my previous posts and I think most of my impulsive buys are because of them. One of those instances was when I saw this pleated skirt (which is also in animal print) at Forever 21. I normally set my budget per item to be 1000 below so I will feel less guilty when I buy them, but I was not able to resist this one since I really find it pretty and easy to pair with a nice top. I've been able to use it a lot of times so I guess my money was already worth buying this skirt right? :)

 Top P300 (50% off)- Mint
Skirt P1099.00 - Forever 21
Shoes - C Women (Cinderella)
Ring - Forever 21

One of the color combination I feel comfortable wearing is blue and pink. I had this top since 2009 and i still love wearing it every now and then. I got this from Mint when they have their regular 50% discount at their shop, and I bought this along with a yellow one. I also have a blue bandeau skirt, and that is what I normally pair this top with. But upon buying this pleated skirt, I think they work better together. Do you agree with me? *wink*

 Is the pair of shoes familiar? Yes, it is one of the shoes I posted here. I immediately put it into use when we found it that weekend. Hope you like the outfit I prepared for today.

Just an additional note, SM Megamall is having a clearance sale on June 28-July 7, 2013. I know it is again tempting to do a shopping spree since it is payday on the 28th.But it's okay to shop as long as you can stick to your budget. Make sure you have already computed all your expenses and just spend with your extra money. Budgeting your money wisely will always be the key. Great day to all!


  1. I do agree Ms. Sally! Hihi. :D Whatever you wear, you looks so lovely and awesome! ^^

    1. Rhia! thanks so much! you are really sweet :) I hope you continue sharing your make up reviews. i find them really helpful :)

  2. Nice! Im going to a wedding next month and Im looking for a great outfit. Im gonna browse in your blog for inspiration.:)

    1. hi kristine! feel free to read the archives. hope you get some ideas on what i have posted so far. great day!

  3. The ring is perfect gefählt me very much!! We would like to follow each other?


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