C Women (Shoes from Cinderella)

I was looking for a certain pair of shoes in my cabinet when my mother decided to help me (you know how mothers are good with finding missing things). And then to my suprise,she found these instead: two pairs of pumps from C Women.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - C Women (Shoes from Cinderella) 1

The Budget Fashion Seeker - C Women (Shoes from Cinderella) 2
When I saw these shoes, I then remembered that I bought them last 2010, when I was still renting an apartment in Buendia. It was during that time when I frequently visit Cinderella at SM Megamall to look for pretty and affordable shoes. I can't recall how much I paid for each of them but I am pretty sure that I bought them on sale (I'm thinking 50% of the original price P898.00/each). There is actually a third pair of C Women shoes, but I didn't include it in this post since it is not a pair of pumps (peep toe heels). I'll share a photo of that shoes in another post. For now, I'll make sure to maximize these shoes by incorporating them in my office attires. I'm now excited for July then! Happy Tuesday to all!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - C Women (Shoes from Cinderella) 3


  1. Love the buckle details on the taupe heels, gave an otherwise forgettable pair an edge. ;)

  2. I fell in love with the color brown.. cute ^^

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  4. Very cute!

    Ang ganda ng mga shoes ;)


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