Donning an Artist Edition Blouse (by Freeway)

May 31, 2013

I wore this outfit last March 31 when my friend and I watched the Script concert. I haven't worn this blouse in a while so when I decided to wear my black wedges from Payless for the event, this particular piece first came to mind. I'm not sure what year exactly did Freeway start releasing their National Artist Collection of clothes, but I had this blouse for more than two years already. This is from Freeway x Jose Garcia Villa Edition by the way.

Aside from falling in love with the cut of the blouse, I got attracted with the simple black and gray design on the bottom part (both front and back). Freeway even included a snippet of his poem at the back of the blouse. And since I wanted to highlight the top for this look, I chose this faux leather leggings I bought from WAGW.

The last time I checked Freeway store, the National Artist they released was Levi Celerio. I was tempted to buy it before since I am into music (the design was filled with musical notes etc). But I am also contemplating since the price for this collection normally is around P1600+. On their next sale maybe? :)

Accessories Clearance Sale @ Celine (P99.00 each!)

May 29, 2013 Philippines

Last week, I went to SM Megamall to buy my ticket for Linkin Park concert. And since there are sale outlets near the cinema (Apple & Eve, Tomato and Celine) , I checked these stores and ended up seeing a clearance sale at Celine. I know I'm such an impulsive shopper. But who can't resist buying these items, which are now P99.00 each?!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Accessories Celine 1
original price: P799.00

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Accessories Celine 2
Original Price: P799.00

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Accessories Celine 3
Original Price: P599.00

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Accessories Celine 4
Original Price: P499.00

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Accessories Celine 1
Original Price: P399.00

I also bought a pair of slippers that day but I'll share the photos on my next Budget Shopping post. Happy Thursday to all!

My Barbie Skirt

May 28, 2013 Philippines

Most of us girls adored Barbie at one point of our lives. And as we all know,  Barbie is associated with pink and black. So I can't help but think of that pretty girl doll wearing a pink and black ensemble whenever I see this skirt of mine.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 1
white top - St. Francis
pencil cut skirt - Betty (SM Dept Store)
shoes - Payless (fioni)
bag - NAFNAF
necklace - Pinkbox
ring - Forever21
shades - Dickies

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 2

I bought this skirt last year ( I think around this month) at SM Department Store and I lost count on how many times I've already worn it. This became a favorite of mine because I like how it fits and I adore the pink band that acts as a belt already. I'm also happy on the fact that I can style it in a way that it can be appropriate for office, or into something that I can use when I meet up with friends for dinner.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 3

To highlight the skirt for this look, I only played around with two colors found on it: white and pink. So I choose white for my shirt, shades and  bag,  then pink for my necklace, ring and shoes. It was very simple, but I like the outcome of the entire look. Hope you share the same view as mine. Have  great day!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 4

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 5

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 6

The Budget Fashion Seeker - My Barbie Skirt 7

Boracay Day 5

May 26, 2013

This is my last set of photos for my Boracay trip early this month. Actually, day 5 was my "me time" since all of my friends already went back to Manila that day. I had a delay in buying my tickets for this trip, so I ended up taking the May 7 flight back to Manila. That way my fare would still amount to P1000 (Kalibo-Manila). I initially planned on doing a short tour of Kalibo, but then I chose to just stay the entire afternoon lounging at the beach and making sure to check those other hotels/restaurants that I was not able to see the past days. I spent my entire afternoon drinking shakes and reading my eBooks at the beach front lounge area of Paradise Garden Hotel. This hotel was a discovery for me since I didn't know that it was such a grandiose place inside. The guards, who were very nice to me that time, accompanied me as I take a look around the resort. They even said that it ranked third when it comes to land area (if I remember it right, he told me that Shangri-la Boracay is the biggest). It was really a good place to stay if you have enough budget.

Most of the photos are just the beach since I was enjoying the view for my last few hours there. Hope you had fun browsing through them. Have a great evening!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 1

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 2

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 3

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 4

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 5

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 6

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 7

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Boracay Day 5 8

Sales and Promos: Ongoing Sale on Payless (Brash)

May 23, 2013 Philippines

Remember the black wedge I posted here? Well, two Payless shops that I checked (Shangri-la Plaza Mall and Lucky China Town Mall) have an ongoing sale for this particular design. I bought mine for P1650.00. But if you buy one now, they are priced at P1320.00. There are also other colors to choose from (see the photos below) if you are not fond of the black one.

Aside from this wedge, other design from Brash are also on sale. The pair of red shoes below are same with the shoes I was wearing here and here. It was originally priced at P1950.00, but as you can see from the photo, you can now get them at P975.00. The wedge style is priced at P1170.00.

This pair of glittered shoes are what I am planning to buy the first time I saw it. But when I tried walking with them, I think that the material used is a bit painful to the feet. So I just ended up buying white shoes from their Comfort Plus line  I mentioned here.

I love checking this particular shoe store, so if you have any questions regarding the new items or on sale items, feel free to write them in the comments section below and I'll do my best to help you. Have a great day!

Budget Outfit: Reminiscing Beach Wedding Memories

May 22, 2013 Philippines

March 31 last year, I had the chance of attending a beach wedding of my former manager Romano and Louj, who is also a former officemate and a good friend. They've been staying outside the Philippines for years already because of work. And I was really happy to hear the news that time that they were finally getting married!

The venue of the wedding is at Acuatico Resort in Batangas. I've heard of that resort before but haven't got a chance to check the place out since I don't have my own car, and that the rooms there are a little pricey. So for me, the wedding worked two ways: for me to witness the ceremony for my two friends, and to also experience the resort that was new to me that time. 

 Regarding my outfit, I opted to wear this long purple dress from YRYS.  I had this in my closet for years already, but haven't had the chance to wear it on any occasion. I even had this dress named as my "diva dress" since I was able to picture myself wearing this in an event where I would do some singing haha! I still remember that I bought this at SM Manila and that it was priced P600.00 when I bought it.

printed dress - YRYS
slippers - planet
white bag- NAFNAF
I haven't mentioned this in my previous post but this was the first wedding that had a contest, and I ended up winning. That night, the host announced that he would reveal numbers of the phone he was holding and at the end of the program, the first one to call the number he announced would win a prize. Since I know that I am kitikitext, I tried my luck (I listed the numbers he mentioned), then called the number. I was so giddy when the host announced my cellphone number! I won a unit of Samsung Galaxy Y phone that night! I can say that as of this year, I still have my luck at wedding contests since this year, I won a pair of Skullcandy headphones during my friends' wedding that I mentioned in this post. The contest that night was to guess how many times the couple would kiss through text. I guessed 7 and 11, I won the prize given my first guess. Lucky night indeed!

So as for my message to the couple, Romano and Louj: I know this is a little late since your anniversary was last March 31. But I just wanted to thank you again for letting me be a part of your wedding. I was really happy that I was there to witness how happy you were that day, and how loved you are by your families, relatives and us, your friends. I hope that your first year as a couple have been nothing but happy and full of great memories. I'll always pray that your relationship will be filled with love and hope for a brighter future together.I'll visit you next year(I have a ticket already!). God bless always!
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