Budget Outfit: Reminiscing Beach Wedding Memories

March 31 last year, I had the chance of attending a beach wedding of my former manager Romano and Louj, who is also a former officemate and a good friend. They've been staying outside the Philippines for years already because of work. And I was really happy to hear the news that time that they were finally getting married!

The venue of the wedding is at Acuatico Resort in Batangas. I've heard of that resort before but haven't got a chance to check the place out since I don't have my own car, and that the rooms there are a little pricey. So for me, the wedding worked two ways: for me to witness the ceremony for my two friends, and to also experience the resort that was new to me that time. 

 Regarding my outfit, I opted to wear this long purple dress from YRYS.  I had this in my closet for years already, but haven't had the chance to wear it on any occasion. I even had this dress named as my "diva dress" since I was able to picture myself wearing this in an event where I would do some singing haha! I still remember that I bought this at SM Manila and that it was priced P600.00 when I bought it.

printed dress - YRYS
slippers - planet
white bag- NAFNAF
I haven't mentioned this in my previous post but this was the first wedding that had a contest, and I ended up winning. That night, the host announced that he would reveal numbers of the phone he was holding and at the end of the program, the first one to call the number he announced would win a prize. Since I know that I am kitikitext, I tried my luck (I listed the numbers he mentioned), then called the number. I was so giddy when the host announced my cellphone number! I won a unit of Samsung Galaxy Y phone that night! I can say that as of this year, I still have my luck at wedding contests since this year, I won a pair of Skullcandy headphones during my friends' wedding that I mentioned in this post. The contest that night was to guess how many times the couple would kiss through text. I guessed 7 and 11, I won the prize given my first guess. Lucky night indeed!

So as for my message to the couple, Romano and Louj: I know this is a little late since your anniversary was last March 31. But I just wanted to thank you again for letting me be a part of your wedding. I was really happy that I was there to witness how happy you were that day, and how loved you are by your families, relatives and us, your friends. I hope that your first year as a couple have been nothing but happy and full of great memories. I'll always pray that your relationship will be filled with love and hope for a brighter future together.I'll visit you next year(I have a ticket already!). God bless always!


  1. Tres chic outfit. ^_^ Pang covergirl ang peg "easy, breezy"


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