Liam Hemsworth's Meet and Greet for Bench

March 15, 2013. Friday. That was the day when I was given a chance to see Liam Hemsworth in person,  and very thankful to have a photo with him, an autograph, and a hug. 

Photo from Bench's FB Page

You might be wondering how did this happen since I mentioned in my last post that I didn't win any pass. Well, I was lucky that the organizers of Bench remembered that I was the earliest person to be in the venue. I was already staying in one of the shops, drinking my shake when organizers arrived one by one. I approached one of them and asked where would the non-winners be allowed to stay. I just stayed somewhere near when a lady came in. She was carrying some papers, which seem to be the passes. And suddenly she walked towards me and asked if I'm one of the winners. I told her no, but I purchased items from Bench so I could attend the event. She just pointed to me where I can stay when the event starts.

I just stayed there, waiting for the event to start. I even met some new friends, Erika and Shan, and we just chatted about Liam the entire time. Then someone from the organizers again approached me and told me to follow him. I realized that he was letting me enter the VIP section, and that I was also given the chance to have a photo opp with Liam. I was so happy! I thought of the other girls I met and asked the guy if I was the only one allowed. So far he told me it was only me. And voila! I was surprised that Erica and Shan were also ushered to where I was sitting. We were so lucky that our efforts paid off!

More photos from my phone (sorry for the quality):

Host: Raymond Gutierrez

Here are some of the photos courtesy of Erica Gacias (Thank you again for these!):

Photos from Bench's Official Site:

Again, thank you Bench for this amazing experience. It was short but indeed sweet and memorable. More power to you as one of the leading clothing brand in the Philippines.


  1. i love your bag...and liam! :) ang gwapo nya! :)

    1. yes sis!He is really good looking in person (blue eyed pati) :)

  2. Ah! You're so lucky!! ;)
    By the way, exploring other Filipino blogs here. :)
    Here's mine as well


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