Budget Shopping: Mall of Asia

Last March 15, I was in Mall of Asia to attend Liam Hemsworth's Meet and Greet (I'll create a separate blog entry for this). I was there around 10am since I was trying to get a Meet and Greet Pass, and you can join the promo by buying P600.00 worth of Bench products. Here are the things that I bought for the promo:

Summer Bag P349.75

Red Belt P199.75

Key chain P109.00

These items were placed in their latest paper bag, which I super adore because of the pretty summer-themed photos:

I told myself that I would only try the raffle once, hence I only bought items amounting to P600.00. But unfortunately, I didn't win. I told myself that I would still stay just to see Liam in person (I was already there anyway). So what I did next was to go window shopping, which in most of the time ends up to an actual shopping.

I entered to the shops near the Music Hall (the venue), and I ended up buying a swimsuit, necklaces, and a girly headband. I had fun buying these items because they were all affordable!

Headband from Simple Joys P100.00

Necklaces from Shapes P149.75 each

I first saw the necklaces above in Subic, while my friends and I were there for Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was priced at P200.00 there and I thought that maybe when I shop around Manila, I'll find the same item at a much lower price. And then I found them in Mall of Asia. It was indeed meant to be.

I was really trying my best not to go full on with shopping, so I stopped after purchasing the necklaces and just stayed in a shop near the Music Hall again, and waited for the event to start.

I'll be sharing my photos of Liam in my next post so stay tuned!

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