Budget Shopping: Gotta have those Skirts

When I go to the mall and shop, I noticed that I have these certain habits: either I shop for things that are of the same color, or I buy items of a kind. And this time, I went for skirts. Yes, my latest budget shopping escapade ended up with three skirts, I just added a peplum blouse since I found the peplum one I saw in one stall really cute.


I bought these two skirts from a stall in St. Francis Square for P200.00 each.  I was lucky to find that stall since from others, these same skirts are sold at P250.00. Good thing I always go around to check other stalls, since I make it a point to compare the prices from different vendors.



I bought this blouse since I find the design catchy, and I needed a new blouse for my office attire anyway.

SM Dept Store P300.00  (original price: P599.75)

I went to Megamall after since they have Ticketnet outlet in the 3rd floor (I need to check ticket availability of a certain event), instead I end up buying this peach layered skirt sold at 50% off. I am always persuaded by these sale tags. But the skirt is lovely isn't it?

So for that day of shopping, I spent a total of P950.00 for all the items I posted above. I really love budget shopping! But always remember, be careful when doing these impulsive shopping. Budgeting is the key: plan your shopping budget carefully, and remember: you have to stick to it!

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