Budget Outfit: Here Comes the Bridesmaid

Exactly a year ago, a close friend of mine tied the knot on this date. I was really happy for the couple since I somehow knew their love story and how they began dating. It was indeed a memorable event of their lives. And as for me, that day also earned a spot in my heart, for that was the first time I got invited to a wedding wherein I was part of the entourage. Yes, I was one of the bridesmaids then!

My initial plan was to buy a new dress, since being part of the entourage means we need to follow the motif of the wedding: light pink and gold shoes for the bridesmaids. Good thing I remembered that I had this pink dress in my closet for a long time, which I haven't used yet since the day I bought it. i got it way back from my college friend when she hoarded lots of dresses from Hongkong. I bought this dress plus the powder blue version (same material but a little different in terms of style) for P800.00 each.

The pair of sandals you are seeing was also not new. I wore it the previous year in one of the weddings I attended that time. Noticed the shoe clips that i was wearing in the photo? It was part of the bridesmaids' attire, one of those little details of the wedding. And they were DIY crafts courtesy of the bride!


I love this bouquet!

Me wearing one of the props during our photobooth session

It was fun reminiscing that day as I look into the photos that I can use for this post. Time indeed flies so fast I can't believe it has been a year already.

So to my friends Bel and Jasper, happy first wedding anniversary to you! Thank you again for making me a part of your entourage (one item on my checklist was accomplished!). I will always pray that the years you spend together as husband and wife will be more blessed and be filled with happiness. I hope you'll have a blast celebrating your anniversary!

*photos by Mae Isabelle

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