I love to write about things that fall under my niches (fashion, travel, lifestyle etc) and doing it while getting paid is awesome!

What you can expect: I will write a blog post about your brand/product and will advertise one image you provided (with link to your website) on my social media accounts.
Fee: $25.00/per article (250+ words)


If you think your product or service will be beneficial to the readers of this blog, I will be happy to try it out a sample and share my thoughts and experience with them by writing a review of it.
What you can expect: I will write a blog post about my honest thoughts and opinion about your product and will advertise the article on my social media accounts.
Fees: Sample of your product

One of the reasons I created this blog is to influence my readers about budget fashion and budget travel. And if your brand falls under the topics I am interested in, you can use my blog as a platform for your advertisement!

Note: I use rel="nofollow" tags for sponsorship links to avoid google penalty.

What you can expect: I will put your logo (image you provided) on my blog so that my readers can see them. The ad will be live for one month.
Fees: $10.00/month.....125x125 side banner
          $20.00/month.....300x250 side banner
          $25.00/month.....160x600 side banner     
          $25.00/month.....728x90 leaderboard
Do you need someone to help you with the nitty gritty work of social media? I am online from 8-5pm Monday to Friday and is willing to work with you in managing your social media presence.

What you can expect: I will help with handling your brand's social media account to reach more potential buyers/followers.
Fees: Negotiable

Do you have a promising idea that we can work on together? Do let me know so we can collaborate!

Payment Method accepted: Paypal or gift cards (Amazon, Target etc.)

For inquiries, feel free to send me an email thru thebudgetfashionseeker[at]gmail[dot]com or use the Contact Form here. You may also visit this page to see my blog and social media stats. Looking forward to working with you!