Budget Outfit: Shade of Gray (Jumpsuit)

March 15, 2016

budgetfashionseeker - gray jumpsuit 1

Remember my post about UK-Philippine Friendship Day? I decided to wear the same jumpsuit to my friends' wedding last December. I knew I did not have clear photos during that event so might as well maximize this pretty piece and wear it again. This time, for the last wedding that I'll be attending for 2015 (I attended a total of 7 weddings!). I know that it is hard to change the entire look for a one-piece ensemble but I opted to be in black and gray, hence the accessories and the purse I got from Suiteblanco (see my post here).

How Lazada Philippines can Help with my Travel Essentials

March 9, 2016

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Lazada 1

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