Multi Ring Sets from H&M Singapore

Being a budget shopper, I was never eager to visit or even check items online from H&M. I had this notion that it was too pricey and I just might get frustrated when I want something yet I am not ready to spend for such amount for one item. Then everything changed when I tried checking their store during my Singapore trip. I realized that they budget-friendly accessories there! Hence I ended up buying these cute little things: multi ring sets.

Thanks to my college friend Elaine, who has been staying in Singapore for years already. She was the one who suggested that I visit the shop. That I might find something there that I wanted,especially now that I blog about fashion. I realized that the price range for their accessories are almost the same with Forever 21, which most of you might notice that I've been frequently visiting for my accessories and cropped tops fascination (I also have been buying their below PHP 500.00 pencil skirts that I will blog about soon!). 

To validate that claim, here are the prices of the rings in the photos: dolphin ring: SGD 7.90, 10-piece set: SGD 5.90 and label rings: SGD 3.90. Since the conversation that time was PHP 35.00 for SGD 1.00, that means the 3 sets only cost PHP 276.50, PHP 206.50 and PHP 136.50! Not bad right? I'm actually using the label rings daily since I feel like getting a positive vibe whenever I look at them. So now I am one of those girls who are excited for the opening of H&M Megamall Branch. I hope they will not veer away with the price range that they have in Singapore though. In any case, I will post details about the store if ever I find ads about it already. Anyone here who wants to go with me on the opening day?

By the way, it was just fun to discover that one gift that I got from my friend last Christmas (a blue scarf) was from H&M too. And since I am still new to this brand, care to share any items that you bought or received from any of their stores? I'd love to know your thoughts regarding the quality of their products. I will be waiting for your comments below lovelies. Have a  nice day!


  1. I LOVE H&M! so happy abby brought me there when i was in SG! i got 2 pairs of leggings, worth roughly php500-600 each (not sure if i showed them to you last time you visited sa house? do u remember? anyway...) sounds quite pricey for 'just' leggings, but i love the silky quality, doesn't fade nor shrink. they always look new even though they've been used and washed a looot of times already. :)

  2. Ooh, nice rings! Would try to go there too when we go to SG. :) I think H&M has really nice stuff. It's one of the usual brands of clothing we get as pasalubong from relatives abroad.


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