Anvaya Cove the Second Time Around

Here are some of the photos that I took from our quick getaway to Anvaya Cove last February 8. Like what I said in my previous post, this is my second time to experience the serene beauty of this place. And I was again with my dear set of friends (all girls), only this time, we were only 3 who were available.

Sisig for lunch!

We arrived at the venue a little early for the check-in time so we decided to fill our empty stomach first and then I took some photos of the place so I can share them with you here in my blog. The place is still as beautiful as I remembered it the first time I was there. And it was fun that they are now offering more activities for the visitors to enjoy their stay more.

This was our room during that weekend. It was very spacious for 3 persons (for me at least) and we were very comfortable during our stay. I think the only down side that time was that we do not have WIFI in the room (although I think the 3 of us all have unlimited mobile internet). So if you intend on having your stay-cation here, you might want to check that out if that will be a need for your stay.

We wanted to maximize the time we have left in the afternoon so we availed of the behind-the-boat wakeboarding. This was my third time to wakeboard but the first in terms of being in the sea. And I tell you, this was definitely harder than the cable one! One hour session of wakeboard is Php2400 so we just split the amount and shared the time among ourselves (20 minutes/each). I'll make sure that I will be able to do this properly one day.

Beautiful sunset

After our wakeboarding session, my friends went to have massage in the spa. And since I am not really fond of massage, I just went back to our room to freshen up for dinner and to watch TV as I wait for them to finish.

Forgot what type of spring rolls these were but they were yummy!

We also signed up for a free session of paddle board the next day so we woke up early to have our breakfast in the restaurant (buffet breakfast is included in our accommodation) and then went back to the beach area. I remember last May 2013, I was not able to stand properly on top of a paddle board, so I was happy that I did it this time around. We had lots of photos but my face were mostly distorted in them because of too much laughing and smiling haha!

I did it!

The Hideo fan in me was overjoyed to see this

As always, it was hard to leave  a place when you are having fun, but we all need to get back to Manila that afternoon. All in all, I was happy that I joined my friends in this trip. We had lots of fun together and I hope that we can do this type of trip again soon. Thanks again to Ann and Reyn for that awesome weekend!

To know more about Anvaya Cove, you may visit their website:


  1. Hi! Thank you for a wonderful post. I was wondering if you accept sponsorship to Anvaya Cove. We are not a member and would really like to have the same experience that you had. :) Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Hi-

    We are a member of Anvaya BNC and we also have a unit there that we can offer for rent.

    For details please visit our website and contact us when you may want to visit the place.

    Thank you

  3. Good day all,

    We are Anvaya Cove BNC Member and we also have a unit there that we can offer you for rent, we can help and assist you for endorsement at the Club when you book on our unit at Anvaya Sea Breeze Veranda Hotel/Condo.

    Please check our website for some more details and information.

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    Thank you


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