Start the Year Right (a Peek Into the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014)

Hi everyone! It is officially the first day of 2014! I'm really excited for this year since I have lots of goals that I wanted to achieve. And despite the fact that almost everything now is done digitally, I'm still one of those people who loves to jot down notes on notebooks and journals. So, to help me organize and be reminded of those goals and other ideas, I am again depending on the ever reliable Belle de Jour Power Planner. Aside from the prettier cover and motif for this year, 2014 BDJ Planner is extra special since it is already my third one. Meaning, I am already a Belle de Jour veteran! I hope BDJ will have lots of events and exciting promos in store for all of the bellas.

This is BDJ Power Planner 2014. I bought this during the BDJ Fair and I got this for Php480.00 (it is normally priced at Php560+ in bookstores). They even offer a personalized version for this year and I read from their FB page that they are accommodating orders up to January 6. Just visit their page to know more details if you are interested to have one.

This is the current motif of the planner. I love the combination of pink, blue and green that it makes me want to use yummy colored pens to when writing on it. I hope to fill up this boxes soon!

They still have the section that I love completing, which is the BDJ checklist. It makes me happy whenever I have done item from the list!

I also checked the discount coupons that they've included for this year. And it was fun to know that they have additional merchants now that I can use.   

And of course, my favorite part of the planner, Bills and Cash Flow Tracker! I'm making it a goal to be more mindful of my expenses for the coming days. 

I've always loved new year since it means we are now again having a fresh start to everything. It gives sense that we have the power to do a lot of things and set our mind to achieve new dreams.  I am really hoping that 2014 will be more productive for all of us. And I will do my best to match this mindset with concrete action. I hope I can share my goals on this blog once I've completed it. Again, happy new year to all and may your lives be filled with more blessings and happiness. Take care everyone!


  1. Happy new year sis! Cheers to more adventures and such to be written down within the pages of our fab planners! ^_^

  2. dont worry sis i am also one of those people who loves writing agendas in an actual planner. i got a black starbucks planner this year, i usually try to avoid spending for a planner every year so intay lang ako for someone to give me one hehe. im surrounded by coffee lovers so its usually starbucks. :)


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