Gold Flat Sandals from Montego Bay Club (Payless Shoe Source)

I miss sharing my latest acquired shoes/footwear so I am now posting this one. For the past weeks, I've been using these flat sandals from Montego Bay Club of Payless Shoe Source. They are really comfortable and the design is chic enough that I find myself wearing it whatever outfit I am donning. It is currently on sale in all Payless Shoe Source branches that I visited and it only costs Php537.00 each. Other colors available are light blue, pink, blank and silver (looks like the same shade with the pair I bought).

Few more days and it is Christmas already! Are you already done with your Christmas shopping? I still need few more gifts for few more godchildren. But so far, it is getting harder and harder to visit malls due to so many people doing their shopping too. I hope I'll be able to accomplish everything before Friday so I can just relax and focus on Christmas Eve preparation at our house.And I hope you get to do all of your tasks for Christmas too! Have an awesome day!


  1. Hi sis,, Is this your blog ba talaga? hindi ba ko naliligaw ng landas.?? hihi.. Anyways. I love the sandals.. so comfy.. ^_^

    1. Hello sis! may tinatry kasi akong template kaya magulo kanina hehe.Temporary muna na ganito muna yung layout hanggat di ko mapagana yung isa :)

  2. new blog look! :) AH SIS im going to hunt this down at payless me like <3

  3. I like those flats, unfortunately they don't like me. Lol. My feet widen unattractively with styles like that unless I make an effort to keep them in so they look slimmer.


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