Blogapalooza: Spanning 11 years of Great Food and Memories with Congo Grille

I'll never forget the first time that I stepped inside El Pueblo Branch of Congo Grille. It was a for a dinner organized as a get together for one of the groups that I belong, and it happened August 16, 2002. It is amazing to know that it had been 11 years already. Most of the people that were present during that night were no longer keeping in touch, although I am grateful that there are still those that I am connected with at present time (thanks to the different social networking site). And one thing that remains: I still enjoy my dining experience with Congo Grille all these years.

I forgot what other branches of Congo Grille I've been to. But El Pueblo branch will forever have a special place in my heart. I even had the chance to celebrate my birthday there along with friends who have same birth month as me 5 years ago, the same year that we frequent the place to have our regular Friday night outs. One of my colleagues even treated us there for his birthday just recently (around two weeks ago). And as always, we've enjoyed the delicious food they served.

I may not be a food blogger, but I won't hesitate to write a good post about Congo Grille at any given time. The fact that I am a Pinoy food lover made this restaurant one of my top choices. Some of their specialties that I love are pork sisig, pork sinigang, crispy pata and calamares. I am now getting hungry as I am writing this post. to think that I just had my solo dinner there last night and had pork sisig all by myself (I was only able to eat half of it though)!

 I was really happy to see Congo Grille as one of the sponsors of Blogapalooza 2013. They were part of the restaurants that provided a hearty meal for our lunch at the event. And writing this post made me realized that without doing on purpose, Congo Grille had been a part of the good times I had for the past 11 years. Thank you Congo Grille and I hope you continue to provide great dining experience and be a venue to more celebration for the years to come. 

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  1. wow.. okay.. I missed to try their foods either..Anyare sakin? hahhaa


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