A Night of Magic (Magikaria Experience)

It was the night of December 23 when my siblings and I were treated to a night of fun and magic at SMX Hall of Mall of Asia. I got invites from PRC Inc. (thanks again to Ms. Jozen and Mr. Alvin) that allowed us to enjoy the gala night of Magikaria. It was actually a special show since they invited a group of kids that were sponsored (I'm not sure from what group/institution they're from). So imagine the venue filled with kids who were very eager to see tricks and exciting performance.

The show started with Mr. Jon Weiss, which invited some kids to join him on stage so he could teach them how to balance a feather. He is actually a master balancer by the way. And then he wowed us all by performing difficult balancing acts, which started from peso bill, cap, kid's shoe, all with the use of his nose. Then he moved to shopping cart (yes, that big steel one), ladder, and then the metal barricade used in events using his chin. It was really amazing!

I remember the dark-skinned guy with glasses with that very nice baritone voice. He was singing the songs live while the other members of the circus family were dancing. All the girls were so flexible, especially the lady that performed balancing acts on two metal rods. She's pretty too and she reminds me of Idina Menzel.

There were also illusions that were performed and I was still amazed with their performance even if I know that those were just tricks (they really move fast that everything felt real). Those were really some of the acts that I looked forward to.

Patrick Gabel, who is the main face of Magikaria, was part of more than three performances. He was good with the suspension (I think I would have collapsed after his act). He was also the one who performed the illusion acts. I'm not sure if you will find him good looking given the quality of the photos I took but he really is. A lot of teenagers were even screaming his name and even asked for photos at the end of the show haha!

There were acts that I was not able to take photos of since I was busy capturing them on video. But overall, we enjoyed the entire show. You still have a chance to be witness this since they'll be having their last day tomorrow. So go ahead and purchase your tickets for Magikaria (especially if you have kids at home). I'm sure that it will be a great experience for them. Have a great day!

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