Fitness Alert! 3 Sessions of Yoga by Leda

Hello Everyone! This is a happy Sunday indeed! I woke up early today (even before my alarm, which was set at 8:00am, started ringing) feeling light and with a smile on my face that I think I can do all the things in my schedule list for today. And to keep the good vibe flowing, I am now writing this special invitation that I got from a friend of mine last night. She will be doing 3 sessions of Yoga for 3 consecutive Friday mornings! Isn't that amazing? I was really happy when I heard the news from her that I already shared this on my Facebook account (you can do the same, here is the link to her blog post: Yoga for Night Shift Workers).

You might be wondering why I am excited. You see, the teacher is not just a friend, she is one of my closest buddies during college and our circle is one of those "barkada" that you build a strong bond with even after graduation. I always see her as someone who is very determined and who knows what she likes in life. We are all programmers in our group, and when she told us the news about her yoga immersion, we were really happy for her. I know she will be a great instructor and even though I might find myself struggling with the schedule (I am not really a morning person), I already reserved a slot and challenged myself to join this activity.

So if you are still at the stage of wanting to try out Yoga but you do not want to be burdened by fees, I encourage you to register on this one! The fee is just any amount that you want to contribute for the rental of the venue.I'm pretty sure that we will have load of fun and if you are like me who haven't done any type of Yoga before, it will be nice to learn something new this month right? I was also informed that her sessions are designed for those working long hours in front of computer. So if your work falls under this category, then the more that you should attend her training. Just feel free text/email my friend Leda to reserve your slot. You can also help us spread the word by sharing her invitation, Yoga for Night Shift Workers.  See you during sessions then? I'll be delighted to meet you there if ever.  Have a great day!

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  1. thanks for the follow dear I am following back via bloglovin too =)

  2. aww thanks sally for posting this! :) i hope this could entice your readers hehee. see you! :)

  3. Wow! This is really cool! I wish I could join! I've been looking for Yoga classes that caters BPO employees (talk about being a night shift worker for 3 years!). Thank you for sharing this,love!


  4. i would love to, except i'm from far south of the metro :)


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