5th Belle De Jour Fair 2013

October indeed has a lot of things in store for us! I almost forgot that the annual Belle de Jour Fair happens around this time. I mentioned in my past post that it was only last year that I started using BDJ Planner. And I was so happy I made that decision! I totally love this planner and it really helps me to keep track of the things that are important to me. And it is also set to empower girls by having nice articles inside and as well as power quotes in every page. And part of this is we are sent invitations through email in certain BDJ events. I remember that I was not able to attend last year's fair. So now, I'm going to make sure that I'll be present on that day! Plus, the BDJ Planner 2014 will be on 20% discount that day so I will really take advantage of that. If only I could get a personalized one. Too bad they require at least 3 BDJ planner before you can avail that one. 

Anyway, the fair will happen on October 13, that is Sunday next week already. Anyone here who is also attending? It would be fun to meet new people there so please inform me if you are going to the event. Like what they said in their slogan, "it's time to make things happen!". Great day to all!

Photos are from Belle de Jour Power Planner email to subscribers


  1. i wanna design my own shoes :3 where do you pre register sis? if i cant come hope you can post pics hehe

    1. hi sis! you can check their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BelledeJourPlanner , the designing promo is up to oct 8. habol ka na!

  2. hi vanessa! sure I'll follow you on bloglovin :) thanks for visiting!


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