Champagne Heels (Formal) from GIBI Shoes

Remember my post regarding a grecian-themed wedding I attended? I was actually wearing these Champagne heels from GIBI that day, one of the few formal heels that I have at home. I only got this for Php800.00 that time since it was on sale, it was very timely since I already got an invite from my friends for the wedding. 

Have you checked GIBI's collection lately? I haven't seen their latest products GIBI is one of my go-to brands when buying shoes or sandals for formal events. I'll definitely include this brand on my "brands to check" list the next time I go to the mall. Great day to everyone! 


  1. Galing naman ng mga sale finds mo Sally ;)

    1. thanks sis! mahilig kasi talaga ako mag-ikot sa mall kaya kung anu-ano nakikita lol

  2. The front details, they look so goood. Nice find! :)
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