Wicked in Manila!

Finally! The rumors were now confirmed! Wicked will have its half-month run starting January 22, 2014!

After feeling sad because of the cancellation of Dirty Dancing last July, there were rumors that have been circulating that this Broadway musical will be showcased here in Manila come 2014. There had been petitions on social media as well just so the right people will make this happen. And although I'm not really a hardcore fan and just started liking and looking up videos of Wicked online because of Glee (who didn't like Defying Gravity right?), I definitely won't let this opportunity pass me by. 

So for those who are interested to watch, below are the ticket prices:

Emerald                      - P7000.00
A Reserve                  - P5800.00
B Reserve                  - P4500.00
C Reserve                  - P3500.00
D Reserve                  - P2250.00
A Reserve                  - P1750.00

There's good news though for Visa cardholders (especially HSBC). When you buy now until September 14, you will be entitled for a 10% discount on ticket prices. At least we will get to enjoy the show at a lower price. So hurry and buy your tickets by visiting http://Ticketworld.com.ph or going to the nearest Ticketworld outlet near you. Have a great Friday!

Photo from Ticketworld


  1. sssooooo excited for this! :) "i'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so...some things i cannot change but 'til i try i'll never know"

    1. I love Defying Gravity!:) i'm excited to buy our tickets tomorrow!

  2. Finally! Now you don't have to go to Singapore to see it. Sana I can watch this soon. :)

    Found you at Female Network. I'm your newest GCF.

    ~Rose of Grown-Ups For A Day

    1. thanks rose ! i followed you on GFC already :)
      yep, good thing they decided to bring this musical here in manila. i'm really excited to watch it!

  3. Too bad I won't be able to watch this :( Hindi ako aabot.

    1. oo nga sayang, lalo na yung stage door experience :(


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