We still had a bad weather last Wednesday, but since it is a Holiday, my roommates and I decided to have bonding time at a nearby mall. It was really fun since it was so out of the blue that we just all agreed to eat lunch together (for the first time!) and we did some window shopping afterwards. We even planned on having a trip somewhere in the south and I am super excited about it.I promise that I would share with you the things that we will do there (yes, it will involve shopping haha!) when that day comes.

leggings P150.00 - SM Surplus
Flats 2 for P399.75 - Solemate
bracelet P80.00 - St. Francis
ring - Forever 21

I chose to wear something comfortable that day and my only options are the clothes that are left in the cabinet (I haven't gone to our house last weekend). Good thing I have these items and as you can see, the central color scheme here was a little dark (black and gray). Thanks to the pop of color brought by my printed leggings to break the gloomy feel of this ensemble.I also wore my ever reliable Solemate flats since I knew that day would involve a lot of walking. What do you think of this look?

I am so happy that finally, we are able to see the sun! Thank God for a better weather. And I salute all those who have shown generosity and courage to help during this times.

And on another good news, I just wanted to share that I already got ticket to Wicked! I am now more excited for the musical that I started looking up videos regarding this show. Anyone of you who is also watching? See you there if ever! Great day to everyone!


  1. Wow you got tickets for Wicked!

    1. yes sis!excited na nga ako kaso ang tagal pa haha!

  2. “Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!” ― Jane Austen, Emma

    1. hi tin!i really had fun with our bonding time :) hope we can do it again soon. and thanks again for the photos!


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