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Since I still don't have work for today, I suddenly had this urge to organize my shoes in our shoe cabinet. I still use the original boxes when I bought them (unless the boxes are already deformed or torn), to I was surprised that I still have these two pairs of shoes that I bought way back.  

I remember that I only used this pair of brown pumps from Figlia once so, it's no wonder that they still are in good condition even after three years. I bought them because I find the design really cute and girly, plus the fact that it was on sale that time. The original price of this pair is Php1299.00 and I only paid Php699.00. Not bad right? I've made up my mind to use it again in the office. At least when we have client visit so it will not continue to gather dust in the cabinet anymore.

These black pumps are way older than the pair above. If I remember it right, I bought them around 2006 (7 years!), the time when I was into wearing slacks in the office. This was also on sale when I bought it and the original price was Php1699.00. And because of the discount, I ended up paying Php899.00 only. What I like about this pair is since it is made of leather, the shoes are still in good condition even if I overused them before. You only need to apply polish and they will shine like new again. 

I might check Figlia brand in Megamall when I have the time this week just to see how their products evolved in terms of style and design. Since I personally own items from them, I still consider this brand as one that can withstand time. So if I find a pair that would appeal to me again, I think I won't hesitate to buy from them again. 

How about you? Do you have a list of brands that you like because they produce durable shoes? Let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a nice day!

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  1. Great shoes! The brown pumps are so pretty! You need to wear them more often! :) I too keep my shoes in their original boxes! I really only wear one brand of shoes as they are so unique and comfortable. The only thing is they are really expensive but they last forever!


    1. hi rebecca!Yeah that is what I'm planning to do so i brought some of them with me in the dorm :)

      oh really? so that's why i notice that your shoes seems to have same heels. but I actually find them adorable! and if they are durable then i think it will compensate the price then :) good day!

  2. I also buy from Figlia, i like their sandals, lasts me years also. I also do not throw away their boxes so that i'll know which is which, sometimes they have those silica gels pa to prevent molds i guess.

    1. good to hear that you also patronize figlia sis :)
      oh yeah, before, i immediately throw those silica gel packs. then i was told that they are useful to maintain dryness when storing our shoes in enclosed containers.

  3. I love your brown pumps Ms. Sally!

    Followed you via bloglovin. Have a great day! ^^


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