Drawn to the Sea

I love the sea. I love swimming. I love island hopping. I love seafood. I love anything that has to do with water (I just got back from my first surfing trip in La Union), which makes me entertain the thought that I was a mermaid in my past life (kidding! but it's just fun to think that way since I also love to sing). Almost all of my travels within the Philippines consist of visiting wonderful islands and beautiful beaches. And due to my frequent travel that comes with lots of photos at the beach, my love for swimsuits began.

Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 1

I forgot how many swimsuits I already have at home. And as time goes, I've been able to maximize them by choosing the pieces that I bought which would endure the sand or chlorine and then reuse them by mixing and matching them with other bikinis. take for example this swimsuit that I'm wearing. The pink top was actually from the one I was wearing here. It is actually a multiwear swimsuit, which can be worn in three different ways. Then one time when I saw the bottom part sold separately at SM Department Store, I knew that I have enough plain swimsuit tops that I can pair it with so I don't have to shell out money for an entire pair. I only bought it for P349.75 by the way (pink swimsuit was P600.00+ ).

Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 2

These photos were taken during our company outing last June and thanks again to my ever supportive teammates (especially to Gail, Renz and Jun) for doing this so-called photo shoot since they know that this is my routine whenever I'm at the beach.I'm not getting any younger and I know that time will come that I won't be able to wear such piece so I want to take advantage of it (Sorry naman haha!). Anyway, the important thing is that we are happy with what we wear and that we are thankful with what has been given to us (may it be physical or other aspect). 

By the way, if you have any questions regarding the brands or the places where I buy these swimsuits (this is the season I check stores for swimsuit sale), just feel free to contact me and I'll answer your inquiries. It would be helpful for me too if you can recommend shops that sell pretty and good quality swimsuits too. Have a blessed and productive Monday!

Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 3

Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 4
Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 5

Budget Fashion Seeker - Drawn to the Sea 6
Photos by Renz J, Gail L. and Jun G.


  1. Ikaw na girl.. !! hindi ko talaga keri mag bikini. hmmm hanggang pangarap na lang me hahahha^^ nice shot.. or should I say.. Sexy .

    1. thanks sis!kaya mo rin yan. start lang muna with family hanggang maging comfortable ka na :)

  2. ikaw na si Ariel, little mermaid :) i miss the beach!

    1. haha thanks sis! ako rin parang gusto ko nga ulit bumalik haha!hindi ata ako magsasawa mag-beach kahit negra na ako lol

  3. I love your bikini! And I wish I have your slim figure too. Waaa!

    1. thanks sis! I love how the colors look in the photos.
      regarding the figure, I'm just lucky now since I'm still single :)

  4. so sexy! miss going to the beach:)


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