Budget Outfit: Reflection

I'm showcasing another style that I went for using these Redhead apparels (see this post for the other style). I wore this ensemble to an annual get together with my college friends. I'm really happy that even if we've graduated from college years ago, I still get to see them at least once a year because of this event. It is always fun to catch up with their stories and update each other with the latest happenings in our lives.

Budget Fashion Seeker - Reflection 1

I initially decided to wear this cute printed Skirt form Just G. And Like what I usually do when I'm wearing a printed piece, I picked colors that I like to highlight from the print and see what are available among my things that will work. Hence, these blue top and blazer from Redhead and these pink peep toe heels from Payless. I decided to use this gold color necklace and pink forever 21 ring to finish the entire look.

By the way, I'd like to thank my friend Dan Reyes, who took these photos and thought of working with this beautiful full length mirror inside the house of our friend. I always consider him as one of those talented photographers of our batch even way back. I hope I get the chance to showcase other photos taken by him for my blog in the future. Hope you liked the photos as well. Have a great day!

Budget Fashion Seeker - Reflection 2
Blazer - Redhead
Top - Redhead
Skirt - Just G.
Heels - Payless
Ring - Forever 21


  1. Pretty outfit =)

    Following you on GFC and bloglovin now, hope you will follow back.


  2. I love that skirt! Very cute outfit =) You have a new follower! http://alittlepieceofmakeup.blogspot.com.es

    1. hi charlee!I'm already a follower of your blog as well. thanks and good day!


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