Epically Awesome Award

TJKCC55R7PDK This is kind of late since Kristine of Mommy K's Corner sent me this nomination last week. And now, Claire of My Thoughts Scrawled in Pink also sent me one! So I am now posting this to thank these lovely ladies for this award.

So my tasks for this award are below:

1.  Display the logo
2.  Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award
3.  Share 10 things about yourself
4.  Nominate up to ten other bloggers.

Ten Things About Myself:
1. I love to sing. This is still what I'm most passionate about and I'm happy that some of my friends invite me to sing at their wedding receptions
2. I am a breadwinner
3. I am a big fan of David Archuleta and Richard Poon
4. I more inclined to watch series that involve crime scenes, mysteries etc.
5. The most memorable performance for me so far is when I played Kim of Miss Saigon during our company's christmas party
6. I watch anime and read manga as well
7. I am an Archer fan since freshman days
8. I've completed all the issues of W.I.T.C.H magazine
9. I buy Chalk Magazine July issue every year (that is the UAAP edition)
10. I'm comfortable having long nails (although lately I am not able to have a manicure since I do all chores by myself)

I am not sure who to nominate now since almost all of the blogs I'm following are already nominated haha! But thanks again to Kristine and Claire for this. I really appreciate it ladies :)

And I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all those readers/followers who keep on visiting my blog. Thanks for all the lovely comments that keep me inspired to post even if I only write short article.Have a fun Sunday!


  1. Love the new look of your blog. It's very neat, and ngayon ko lang napansin yung budget outfits by price range.

    1. thanks sis! oo may price range para if ever may magtingin naka-categorize na :)

  2. I love mystery tv series,too. And you are welcome.:)

    1. wow!what are some of the series that you watch sis? :)

  3. Wow 13k+ page views :)
    ~ Girlie

    1. yes and i'm really thankful to all those who read my blog :)


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