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I still stay with my parents during weekends. But since we left Manila and started living somewhere in the south, I've already counted four different space/unit that became my second home for the past five years. The current space where I'm staying for weekdays, which is like a dorm by the way, is where I stay the longest so far (two years already). 

Anyway, I just want to share with you these photos that I took when I was still renting an apartment with my high school friend. There were times when I normally was alone at our place that one time I got bored, I just played around with the burst mode of my Canon camera. I know these are not so good in terms of quality, but  I still smile whenever I remember that I only used our air pot to act as my tripod. The things you do when you are bored right haha!

Necklace - Unica Hija 

I forgot where I got this dress but it is something that I find really comfy to wear. I also think that it is the type that you can dress up or dress down depending on the accessories and shoes that you will use with it. I can't find it in my closet now but I'll update this post to share the brand when I find it.

I've never bought something from Unica Hija aside from this necklace. Though I still visit their shop once in a while to see if I can find some good items. I was not able to resist this necklace though because of that flower trinket that makes it as girly as possible. I mostly use it to add character to a simple tube dress though (yes, I am a big fan of tube dress as well). Hope you find this set neat too like me. Have a nice day everyone!


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  2. hi jenniya!I am already following you on both sites :) thanks for appreciating my blog. I find yours awesome! love the layout and the feel of it. great day to u!

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