On the Red Side

I am always guilty of impulsive buying. But I feel more guilty when I do unplanned buying of item beyond P500.00. And the top I was wearing here was one of those purchases since it was almost double my cutoff: P900.00.

Even though I was quite hesitant to buy this at first,  I really find the material (textured) and the print of the top unique that I was sure I'll regret it if I went out of the store without having it. And I was right, I was able to maximize the use of this top since I am able to pair it with a skirt or shorts, even this faux leather leggings from WAGW (same leggings from this post). And I am happy that this black leggings was what I used for this post, since the color of the top appears brighter when paired with it.

 Top P900.00 - Hip Culture
Leggings - WAGW
Sandals - Parisian
Necklace P200+.00- Cinderella
Connector Ring P150.00 - SM Dept. Store

Anyone of you who is familiar with this pair of heel-less sandals? Yes, I did succumb to heel-less shoe trend when I found this pretty pair from Parisian. It was one of those shoes from Rajo's Collection in 2011. This is my first ever heel-less footwear. I just got curious that time since I was seeing a lot of photos online about this trend that time. I bought this at around P2000+.00. It is still in good condition but I only used it when I am in need of a red pair of shoes since it is hard to endure wearing this pair for a long time. It is good for taking outfit pictures though *wink*

Today is the time of the month again (Hooray for Payday!) and I'm sure going to the mall means surrounding yourself with temptations haha! Just make sure to budget your money wisely. Happy Friday!


  1. winner ang shoes mo! love it, and the overall outfit syempre :)

  2. Love your connector ring and sandals! :)

    1. thanks sis!i got addicted with connecter ring during 2011 lol

  3. nice shoes! akin na lang ate sally! hahaha :)) ano size ng feet mo? mehehe~


  4. I can never pull off an edgy connector ring like yours. I'm also an impulsive buyer, that's why these days I try to veer away from the mall when I really don't need anything.

    1. hi sis!as much as possible I try to maintain a budget regarding my shopping and other "gala" :) but yes, malls are really big temptation haha!

  5. Gorgeous
    Loving the top!
    You have a lovely blog, just stumbled across it now
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC, instagram, twitter and bloglovin’?
    If so let me know and I’ll follow you right back
    My blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog!
    Speak soon,
    Have a lovely day
    Much Love,
    Kate xo


    1. hi kate!thanks for that nice comment :)
      i'm already following you on GFC. good day!

  6. I'm trying extremely hard to cut down and not spend more than I should! Which is why when I shop, I try to envision something with as many pieces already in my closet as much as possible. Fantastic look, especially with the fun and colorful sweater and those always-cool faux leather leggings. :) Love those awesome red wedges as well!

    $40 ModCloth store credit giveaway!

    1. thanks sabrina! I visited your blog and you have nice posts :)

  7. really like your red shoes sally :)

  8. Oh, those sandals are gorgeous! :)
    Happy Monday, Sally Mae!


  9. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!

  10. love the outfit! suits you well. love the second pic with the gentleman-inspired pose! ^_^


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