Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013

I've been one of those ladies who still prefer scribbling notes on an actual planner/organizer in spite of all the applications that are available now in our beloved smartphones and gadgets. I started using pocket calendar organizer when I was in high school to remind me of the activities/events that I need to attend during those time. Then when I got into college, we were given this super useful planner that I was able to maximize the entire year. And that was the start of making planners an important part my life.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 1

Currently, I am using Belle de Jour Power Planner. This is after using some other planners available in the market (and that includes Starbucks). I guess since I was able to make the most out of my Belle de Jour Planner last year (that was my first one by the way), I think I might stick to this one for a while. I really love that it is indeed a "power planner", having all these empowering quotes on every page as well as some articles that aim to inspire the one using it.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013 2

This is how the per day boxes look. For a person who does not write legibly without the lines, this design needs some getting used to. But eventually you'll get the hang of it and enjoy the fact that you can just write freely anywhere! The time guide doesn't even matter to me anymore. I just make the most out of the space provided.

You might be familiar with their travel planner version of Belle de Jour but I am happy that they've decided to include something like this inside. I use this space for my major travels just so I can keep track of the important details of the trip.

I'm pretty sure this section will be mostly appreciated by breadwinners like me, who regularly keeps track of their budget for the month. I've tried downloading some free applications that I can also use for this matte  but I still love writing my finances here.

And last but not the least, the thing that I love with this planner is this portion: the discount coupons! Every month they have this special page for coupons specially catered to fashionistas and foodies out there. I remember that last year I was able to use up all the coupons for SM Girls Teens' Wear as well as the Parisian coupons too! They only give P100.00 off or 10% discounts, but if you are really a frequent buyer, then that is a good deal already.

I forgot the exact price of this planner, but I remember that it P600+. If only I was able to go to their event last year wherein they had a pre-selling of this 2013 planner. I would have bought this on a lower price. Hope next year they will have the same event again so I can avail of the discount.

After all that I've written above, you think you would end up availing this next year? What do you think would make you switch to Belle de Jour? Feel free to use the comment section for your thoughts. Have a nice day!


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    1. hi sis! thanks po but adrianne grace ( already sent me one last Monday :(


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