Acuatico Beach Resort

I know summer has already ended, but since I am not yet ready to let go of activities related to the beach or water in general (my friends and I still have plans of doing surfing and wake boarding this June), let me revive the summer feeling by sharing with you these photos that I took last year when we were in a beautiful resort in Batangas: Acuatico.

This was the venue of the wedding that I mentioned in this post. The bride and groom were generous enough to shoulder 50% of the overnight stay package for 2 so we were able to enjoy the place for almost 2 days. It was really a good place to unwind with the family since it has both the sea and the infinity pool as amenities. And as you can see in the photos, the design of the resort was really well-planned. A perfect venue for special occasions like weddings.

If you check their rate online, I know that the pricing is a little steep, but given the budget, I want to bring my parents here one day. Hopefully I get to do it soon. Wish me luck then?

 Hope that the first week of June is treating all of us nicely so far. Happy Friday peeps!


  1. The resort is a must-visit!

  2. Replies
    1. yes sis!ang itim ko nga after kasi nagbabad ako nung morning lol

  3. a great place! I know that your family will love & enjoy it once you bring them :)


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