Sales and Promos: Get a Second Bag at 20% off EGG (Exciting Gifts + Goodies) Promo

My friend I went to Megamall last Thursday to buy some things that she needed for her out of town trip. After eating lunch, we saw a big poster at EGG that made us go inside. This was their promo that ended today May 19.

Budget Fashion Seeker - EGG bags promo 1

She told me she wanted to buy one that she can use when she gets back in the US. And since I plan on buying one too that I can use for work, we decided to get a bag each to hence we were able to avail the promo. T

This is what my friend bought: a light blue sling bag (small), which costs P845.00.

Budget Fashion Seeker - EGG bags promo 2

I had a hard time choosing the right bag (good thing my friend didn't get angry at me haha!) because I wanted something that can be used daily, but I find those bags with yummy colors really enticing! Anyway, I just stick with my plan and bought this brown bag with red details. This is worth P1100.00 since it is bigger than the bag my friend purchased. But because of the promo, we were able to save P220.00 and just split it among us.

Budget Fashion Seeker - EGG bags promo 3

Budget Fashion Seeker - EGG bags promo 4

 Budget Fashion Seeker - EGG bags promo 5

Have you visited megamall this weekend? Hope you were able to find a good deal from their 3-day sale. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. is there day sale again at Megamall. wow.. parang kelan lang nag 3days sale sila,, havey..nice bag sis

  2. thanks sis!yup. shoes and bags sale sila nitong may 15-19 :)

  3. hey friend! lol! i want the yellow! green! and coral bags too!!!! waaah! di na nga lang kakasya sa luggage ko :(

    1. i want that blue and yellow bag too!kaso one at a time lang dapat ang gastos. btw, nabili ko na yung shoes. nakapost na rin dito hehe..


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