Budget Outfit: Lady in Pink

It was January 5 of this year that one of my closest friend in college, Leda, got married. We've known each other since 2002 (11 years already!) so just imagine how happy I was to finally see her walk down the aisle.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Lady in Pink 1
Pink Dress - Tomato
Shoes - So Fab!
Necklace - Unica Hija

An addition to my happiness that day was the fact that she asked me to sing their first dance (this was my fifth invitation to sing at a wedding reception). It was partly a surprise number since our friends knew that I'll be singing a slow song for their dance. What they didn't know is that we cut the song to half, then we used a fast song for the other half. It was really a joy to see them dance with an upbeat tempo, seeing that they were enjoying every minute of it. It was a Filipiniana wedding by the way so my songs that night were OPM (Panalangin by Moonstar88 and Kapag Tumibok ang Puso by Toni Gonzaga). I still smile whenever I remember our performance that night.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Lady in Pink 2

Regarding my outfit, I chose to wear this pink cocktail dress I bought from Tomato Megamall Branch last year. It came with a 50% discount when I purchased it (originally priced at P950.00) so it was a good deal already. They also have this dress in blue however, my closet is already filled with blue dresses so I just chose this color.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Lady in Pink 3

The shoes that I was wearing in the photos was this pair of heels. I knew that the color-blocked design of this pair would add spice to my plain pink dress. Then I just decided to wear my gray necklace from Unica Hija to match my shoes. I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing it but since I feel totally happy that day, I think the photos pretty much captured it too based on my smiles haha!

I want to end this by giving some short messages to the couple:
To my dear friend, Leda (who I also bumped into last night at the Jason Mraz Concert), thank you again for giving me the honor of singing your first dance and making me part of that very important day of your life. It has been 11 years of knowing you and I know that we still have many years to build more memories with the rest of the girls. I already learned a lot from you and I hope that you will continue to share valuable lessons/experiences to us so we'll have better understanding by the time that it will happen to us. Just always remember that even though I have a hectic schedule, you can always count on me if you need me. I'm just a text away :)

And to Lou, thank you for loving and taking good care of Leda. You are a good man and I know that you are meant to be with her. Just seeing both of you makes me hope for my happy ever after too! And I appreciate the fact that you also built a good friendship with us.

I'll always pray that you will be blessed with a happy married life and the strength to surpass any hurdle that will come your way. I'm looking forward to our next get-togethers and activities for the coming months, and I hope I get to visit you guys soon!


  1. Aww thanks sally, this is sooo sweet :) u know, i was actually waiting for this post - magtatampo nako dapat (hahaha jk) kasi ung mga outfit m sa ibang weddings nakwento mo na, sa wedding ko di pa hahaha. Finally! This is really worth sharing, you were so gorgeous, esp when u sang kapag tumibok ang puso - that's one awesome memory we'll keep till tumanda tayo hahaha. Tsk too bad we didn't have a pic together nung wedding na tayong tatlo lang. Pero okay lang coz for sure nasa video ka (d pa namin nakkuha). Nood tayo pag ready na ang video! Sleepover ulit sa bahay namin? Haha!

  2. Leda!Sorry naman ang late na na-post!This was on my priority list kaso hindi ko pa ma-put into writing yung experience ko that day. Simple lang ako magsulat and you really made me happy just by finding this post sweet. tapos gorgeous pa!naiiyak na ako sa saya! >.< *hug* yup! Naalala ko pa rin na nawala lahat ng kaba ko the moment na sumayaw na kayo ni lou ng 'kapag tumibok ang puso'. nag-enjoy talaga ako kumanta nun!
    Sana maayos yung boses ko sa video hehe.

    gaaaame!kahit wala pa video dadalaw talaga ako sa inyo. kahit bago lang ako umuwi ng cavite. sabihan kita pag fixed na yung schedule ko :)

  3. I should check out tomato. You seem to have a lot of good finds there. When I need a dress for an event I always go to zara, not because I love brandnames, but because I hate shopping for clothes and I want to go somewhere where I'm sure I'll be able to find something and not need to go anywhere else.

    1. I see. You're doing it right coz I know zara has lots of pretty dresses for events, it will really save you time :)

      as for me, I love checking lots of stores (tomato is one of them, it's like they are always on sale lol) so my budget could fit in the things that I wanted to buy haha!

      I'll try to post pictures of items I find nice when i go to the mall so you'll have an idea where to go next time.:)

    2. Kaso ang mahal. That's why your blog name caught my attention :P

    3. haha!yun nga lang. haay the price we pay for convenience.
      ako nga i haven't bought anything from zara kasi mga gusto ko out of budget parati dun lol

      I'll do my best to share good bargains for everyone who visits here. para may idea kayo saan okay magtingin kahit hindi high-end brand :)

  4. haha teka ngayon ko lang naalala - we didn't ask you to sing, but you WON "lou and leda's friends got talent" (LLFGT. May 5 last year! hahaha) ...remember? bev, rondel, lou CHOSE you. hahaha! good times =)

    1. haha yeah! yung audition na sobrang kinabahan ako lol
      pero saya ng experience. it was fun because of you guys :)

  5. Awwww, congratulations to your friend sis! :) And you look great with your outfit. You must have a really good voice since you keep getting invitations. Share it sis and make other people happy, it's your talent. :)

    1. hi senyth!thanks sis. i'm really happy for both of them :)
      haha!thanks so much! I'm always happy whenever my friends invite me to sing. though i'm also planning on creating a music blog so i can share some of my recordings :)

  6. Yeah, you look glowing with happiness. The pink dress suits you and your mood. :)

    1. blackshirt13: awww thanks sis!I really love the color of that dress too :)


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