Budget Outfit: Black Strings and Straps on a Gloomy Weather

My mother and I had a wonderful bonding time last May 12 for Mother's Day. It was hitting two birds with one stone since I planned on attending Richard Poon's show at Lucky China Town Mall that afternoon so I just asked her to accompany me. She likes listening to Richard's album anyway so I thought it would be a fun experience for her to see and hear him sing live.

This was my out fit on that day (except for the shoes since commuting from our house to the mall wearing a 5-inch wedge would definitely be a torture): a simple dress that I bought from one of Megatrade Hall's bazaars years ago. This dress is very comfortable to wear, and I love it since the material is unique (feels like a water resistant cloth) and that I only paid P200.00 for it. Super bargain right?

I don't know if it was the effect of the gloomy weather that day (it even rained hard that night) that I thought of using my black strings necklace from WAGW, then black wedge from Payless for my footwear. My entire outfit consists of only two tones, but I like how the look turned out.

I'll share our "date" with Richard Poon soon as well as some photos of our so-called trip to Lucky China Town Mall so I hope you visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again. Happy Friday to all!


  1. I really love your shoes ate Sally! :))

    Rae Archuleta (haha)

  2. rae!!love the nickname (archuleta) by the way haha!

    thanks!i love using it since it is comfortable to wear (though a bit heavy).

    followed u as well in GFC. have a nice day!

  3. hi nicole!thanks for dropping by. i'll check your giveaway don't worry. have a nice day!


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