Places: Boracay Day 1

I was not able to do scheduled posts prior to my vacation so expect that my post will mostly be photos of my vacation. I'm using my mobile phone to write this to keep you guys updated.

Below are some of the photos from yesterday and even though it was just the first day of my long vacation, my friends and I had a blast already. I know I'll have lots of fun memories with them so I really feel excited!

How was your friday so far?Anyone who is going to Megamall today for the 3-day sale? Hope you'll have fun there too! Happy Friday to all!


  1. I miss Boracay. I've been there april.

  2. hi there!how long was your vacation that time? I stayed in Bora for 5 days but i was not able to try any water sport (i am not counting my 5-minute trial of paddle board haha)!

  3. we stayed for five days as well. the first two days i was really excited to take pictures, by the third and next days i just relaxed. i only got to try island hopping, would have loved to try other water sports but it has only been six months after my last operation.


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