First Outfit Post

September 6, 2011

I just wanted to try my luck that's why I joined WAGW (What a Girl Wants) Online's Contest as posted by kriz uy. For the past few weeks, what I have been doing is to list the contests/opportunities that I wanted to take a chance with. But I always eneded up not doing anything about it. Always planning, but the plan was never executed. So even though my idea about the outfit was done on a whim, and my photo was not really that good, I still went on and sent my entry for the contest. I'll just worry the shame that I'll feel once the photo is published on their account lol. Anyway, I still wanted to post my pic, which will be my first outfit shot for this blog:

Leather leggings and shoes were bought last night at Robinsons Galleria. I initially saw them last Sunday, but decided to buy them just last night.

I was intending to buy a leather leggings way before, but I always thought it would turn out to be pricey. Good thing I saw this from WAGW store in Rob Gale. It only costs P488. Not bad right? :)

It is also my habit that when I'm inside a mall that I do not frequently visit, I try to check all the stores that might offer some items within my budget. And then I saw Charles and Keith's outlet store. If I remember it right the price range of the shoes/sandals there is P799-P1199 (discounted price already) . Got this pair for P1199 (from an original price of P2299, then P1799). It suits the leather leggings really well. And it has nice heels (metallic) as accent :)

I'm still checking my clothes to get some idea on what to post. But the thing is, majority of them are dresses. Maybe I'll check for accessories for them the next time. I know I'll get inspirations from the things that I see around me eventually. Good night (or should I say morning already) for now!

3 Days of Shopping: Day 3

I was supposed to return the floral shoes that I bought at St. Francis for Day 2 Shopping.I did not include a photo on that entry since initially, the pair was in green, but because my size is not available on that color, I ended up getting the blue one. And look and behold, I ended up buying all the stuff below (I know, impulsive buying full blast). The only consolation is, the price of these items are really affordable! I always feel proud when I am able to get discount even if just amounting to P20 for an item. And by the way, the first three images can already be an office attire given the right accessories and a matching blazer. I'll post an outfit shot wearing these some other time :)

Skirt - P250

Shirt - P180

Floral Flats - P250

Flats - P280

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